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Jehovah's Witness Notebook 2024 for Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting 2024 JW Meeting Notebook 'My Spiritual Gems' with Psalm 56:3 Yeartext - Spiral Bound

Build your enthusiasm for sharing your "spiritual gems". Use this notebook to prepare encouraging comments throughout 2024!

Our Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$9.99
Daily Bible Reading Diary for Jehovah's Witnesses "My Bible Reading Diary" - Study Companion for Jehovah's Witnesses

Discover 'My Bible Reading Diary,' the perfect companion for Jehovah's Witnesses. Choose from a variety of elegant hardcover and soft fabric editions for your daily scripture study.

Price for coil-bound: US$19.99
Sale Price: US$19.99
kids meeting notebooks 2024 Fun Meeting and Family Worship Workbooks/Activity books for JW KIDS (ages 3-12)

How are your children doing when it comes to "Digging for Spiritual Gems"? These kids' meeting notebooks are parent-designed and kid-approved for children between 3 and ten years old. Available in 3 options: Midweek Meeting, Sunday Meeting, and Family Worship.

Regular Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$9.99
Yeartext 2024 Meeting Pen and Stylus Combo - Compatible with JW Library App, Featuring Psalm 56:3 2024 Stylus Pen with YEAR TEXT "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." - Psalm 56:3 - 1 pen (random color)

Maximize your ministry and meeting experience with our Yeartext 2024 Meeting Pen, a dual-function pen-stylus combo tailored for use with the JW Library app. Engraved with Psalm 56:3 to fortify your faith in every annotation and digital highlight.

Regular Price: US$4.99
Sale Price: US$4.99
2024 Digital JW Meeting Notebook, interactive and printable DOWNLOADABLE JW Meeting Notebook 2024: Interactive and Printable Formats

Downloadable. Embrace the digital age with our 2024 JW Meeting Notebook. Downloadable, interactive, and printable. Perfect for tablets and home printing. Capture spiritual insights with ease.

Our Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$4.99
Savings: US$5.00
Clear 'Shepherd the flock of God' Book Cover Clear vinyl Cover for 'Bearing Thorough Witness,' pioneer school textbook (and similar books)

Paperback publications are all the more important to keep safe. Our vinyl covers are made to last so your book can last!

Retail Price: US$7.99
Our Price: US$7.99
Elders' book Clear Book Cover Vinyl slip-on Cover - with colored trim: for 'Bearing Thorough Witness', Pioneer text book (and similar books)

Colorful fabric edges, durable reinforced stitching, and easy to keep clean. Keep your paperback publication safe!

Retail Price: US$7.99
Our Price: US$7.99
Year Text Pen 2023 Pioneer Patrick: *3-in-1* Stylus/ Pen/ Duster with YEAR TEXT "The very essence of your word is truth." - Psalm 119:160

These novelty pens feature the 2023 yeartext! Young and young at heart will love using these to take notes at the meetings.

Regular Price: US$4.99
Sale Price: US$2.50
Savings: US$2.49
Set of 8 'Bearing Thorough Witness' Bookmarks for the Congregation Bible Study 'Bearing Thorough Witness' Congregation Bible Study Bookmark (Set of 8)

This set of 8 bookmarks is beautifully decorated with the Congregation Bible Study publication's theme: 'Bearing Thorough Witness' The page holders come in 8 colorful designs, so you're sure to find one that best fits your personality. Available in Spanish and English.

Retail Price: US$2.99
Our Price: US$2.99
JW Bundle for 2024 2024 Meeting BUNDLE

Save when buying a matching set of 2024 meeting products and get a Ministry Scheduler, pocket planner, a "My Spiritual Gems" Meeting Notebook, a pen, eight bookmarks, and a magnet.

Regular Price: US$38.43
Bundle Price: US$29.99
Savings: US$8.44
Paquete JW para el ano 2024 en Espanol ESPANOL Paquete para las Reuniones 2024

Ahorra 20% al comprar un set a juego a los productos en Espanol para el 2024.

Retail Price: US$38.43
Our Price: US$29.99
Savings: US$8.44
Jehovahs Witness Kids Supplies - Meeting Bundle 7 in 1 Pack KID'S 2024 Meeting Gift Pack with YEAR TEXT "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." - Psalm 56:3

Save when buying a set of 2024 kids meeting supplies. This bundle includes: a 2024 Ministry Scheduler, a complete set of meeting workbooks, extra set of stickers, a fun year text pen, eight bookmarks, and a gift bag.

Regular Price: US$55.42
Bundle Price: US$39.99
Savings: US$15.43
JW Clear Vinyl Brochure and Magazine Cover (Size N) Clear Vinyl Magazine or Brochure Cover - Size N: Love People - Make Disciples, Watchtower, Enjoy Life Brochure, etc.

High-quality, clear vinyl covers for JW brochures and magazines, perfect for keeping your meeting supplies pristine. Durable, stylish, and made for a variety of JW publications such as "Love People - Make Disciples" and The Watchtower

Our Price: US$7.99
Sale Price: US$7.99
Study makes me strong - JW Pencil for note taking Study makes me strong - Pencil for note taking

Write all your notes with this pencil no matter when you need it. Feel free to write down your ideas as it comes with an eraser for easy corrections.

Retail Price: US$1.99
Our Price: US$1.99
JW Kids crayon Pencil set Color me faithful - Bible-themed pencil crayon set of 12

Pencil crayon set for JW kids. Features 12 beautiful phrases in the 12 colors. For everyone who wants to unleash their creativity.

Retail Price: US$9.99
Our Price: US$8.99
Savings: US$1.00
Storage Binder for Watchtower, Awake!, Our Christian Life and Ministry Storage Binder for Watchtower, Awake!, Our Christian Life and Ministry

Easily access multiple issues of Watchtower and Awake! Magazine, as well as the Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook. Since the branch has encouraged us to use the printed publications less and less, why not keep your loose copies in this handy binder instead of ordering Watchtower bound volumes? Punchless system keeps your publications looking new!

Retail Price: US$17.99
Our Price: US$17.99

For the "Our Christian Life and Ministry" midweek meeting

Get ready to study the new book with a variety of useful tools! Get a set of supplies, including bookmarks a pen and either a clear vinyl protective cover or a beautiful gray leatherette cover for your "Enjoy Life Forever" book. Get everything you need so you can get right down to studying the "Enjoy Life Forever" book.

Prepare well and stay organized with special "Spiritual Gems" notebooks

With all the exciting tidbits of research to do in the Our Christian Life and Ministry - Meeting Workbook, more than ever you'll need a handy spot to jot down all the little spiritual "gems" that you'll discover each week. For example, in the meeting part called "Treasures from God's Word" did you notice that we are assigned to research certain questions from the weekly Bible reading assignment (under "Digging for Spiritual Gems")? Our special "My Spiritual Gems" 2023 Meeting notebook are just what you need

How are your children doing with regards to "Digging for Spiritual Gems" at the weekly "Treasures from God's Word" meeting? We've even got special meeting notebooks just for kids that will help them dig up those gems and comment in their own words.

Protect your "Our Christian Life and Ministry - Meeting Workbooks" with a Binder

The "Our Christian Life and Ministry - Meeting Workbook" binder and Watchtower and Awake binders are a must-have for Jehovah's Witnesses, allowing you easy access to multiple issues of Meeting Workbooks, Watchtowers and Awakes.