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Leopold Engleitner 'Unbroken Will' Downloadable Movie/Documentary Leopold Engleitner, 'Ladder In The Lion's Den' Movie Taking the Stand - We Have More to say
This touching and impressive documentary recounts the experiences of a humble man who, because he was a bibelforscher (Jehovah's Witness) and objected to military service, had to endure the brutal machinery of the Hitler regime in 3 concentration camps This is the true story of Leopold Engleitner, who at 107 years old was the world’s oldest known Nazi concentration camp survivor. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses (a bibelforscher), he refused to join the Hitler army and to salute "Heil Hitler." Like a "ladder" lowered into the "lions' den" he was given a way out by the Nazis, but he did not give up his beliefs. TAKING THE STAND: We Have More to Say condenses the insights and experiences of nine victims of the Nazi movement and their messages to the younger generation. They are from five different countries and were persecuted for reasons of ethnicity, politics/ideology, or religion. All together they can provide life experience totaling 806 years and 7 months!

Video Resources for Family Worship Night

For Jehovah's Witnesses, faith-building books and videos are a great resource for your next family worship night. Build faith in yourself and your family with these wonderful downloadable JW movies of experiences of our Christian brothers!