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Materials for Preaching in Sign Language

Preaching the Word of Jehovah to the hard of hearing can present unique obstacles. Ministry Ideaz brings you the materials you need to succeed. Shop today!

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JW Tablet Tote 'The intrepid' Ministry Case Universal Tablet + Watchtower folio accessory
The 'Service Ready' Tablet Tote
Retail Price: US$44.49
Our Price: US$44.49
'The Intrepid' Ministry Case
Retail Price: US$140.99
Our Price: US$140.99
Universal Tablet + Watchtower folio (accessory for certain service folios)
Base Price for Leatherette: US$26.99
Updated Price: US$26.99
If you're like many of us, sometimes the hardest part of getting out the door to the service arrangement is getting your ministry bag all packed! With the Service Ready Tablet Tote from Ministry Ideaz, you'll always have everything you need, all organized and ready. Just grab it and head out the door. Keep your ministry essentials organized and easily accessible with 'The Intrepid' ministry case. Sometimes leather handbags and tote bags can be cumbersome when you've got a lot to do in the ministry. However, this messenger-style case is designed to help you keep up the pace. This case will help you stay organized and keep everything quickly accessible. Protect your Apple, Android, Kindle or Windows tablet from scratches and bumps while out in service with the Ministry Ideaz Universal Folio. The unique elastic corner grips accommodate a wide range of tablets from Nexus, Samsung and Dell, to Kindle anda iPad. The folio folds inside-out into a horizontal stand to view videos from JW.org, whether on a table or on your lap. All ports and buttons on the sides of your device will be accessible (however, there is no hole for the rear camera).
Compact Tract &  Magazine Service Folio Leather Watchtower Magazine Folio/Organizer Compact Tract & Magazine Service Briefcase Folio for Public Witnessing
'The Basics' Service Folio (shown with universal tablet holder, sold separately)
Base Price for Leatherette: US$43.99
Updated Price: US$43.99
A compact service folio is the perfect everyday binder for effectively storing ministry supplies for pioneers and publishers alike. Never again will you fumble around looking for where you put that tract or brochure. Everything is at your fingertips! (Carry your Bible separately.) This beautifully bound leather service folio is sized at 8.7" by 11" and can completely replace your briefcase or service bag. With the optional tablet accessory (sold separately) the ministry folder can securely transport almost any tablet
(Click here for the universal tablet folio, sold separately.)
If you are looking to lighten your load while you are active in the door-to-door ministry this item is what you are looking for. All of your literature is kept clean and orderly in one easy location. You can also have your tablet on hand to demonstrate the jw.org web site to interested ones that you find in the field. With the optional tablet accessory (sold separately) the ministry folder can securely transport almost any portable tablet. (Click here for the universal tablet folio, sold separately.) Whether you're doing public cart witnessing, metropolitan witnessing, or just out and about in the ministry, wouldn't it be great to have a folio to hold everything you need in a small yet professional-looking folio? You'll find you job is much easier when everything is readily at hand, and you'll always be presentable while out in service. The 'Ready Set Go' folio, along with the optional Universal Tablet + Watchtower Folio, is the tool to help you do just that.
Hands Free Watchtower Magazine Tote
Hands Free Watchtower Magazine Tote 'Messenger Style' Bag
Retail Price: US$134.99
Our Price: US$134.99
Keep your hands free with the 'Hands-free Watchtower Magazine Tote.' Sometimes leather handbags and tote bags can be cumbersome when you've got a lot to do in the ministry. Wouldn't it be nice to have a hands-free briefcase that leaves you with your two hands free to do those other essentials while engaging in the ministry door-to-door? We here at Ministry Ideaz know what it's like. That's why we've designed this special JW hands-free ministry pouch.

Materials for Preaching in Sign Language

Nearly half a million Americans use sign language, making it the fourth most-used language in the United States according to Gallaudet University. Imagine the reward of presenting your message to the deaf population in the language they prefer. Our pouch lets you preach from your heart and speak with both of your hands. You have an instant bond that enhances your words.

Ministry Ideaz offers a selection of hands free ministry products to support the practice of preaching in sign language. We understand the importance of having quality service supplies for sign language to ensure that everyone "hears" the good news - even those who cannot hear! Our hands free ministry supplies will allow you to focus on the message behind your sermon rather than worry about the delivery.

The Hands Free Watchtower Magazine Tote will provide you with easy access to all of your sign language congregation supplies and materials, right at your hip for easy distribution. Our meeting organizers come in two different sizes to fit all of the various tablets and iPads on the market right now. Use the meeting organizer to enhance your preaching in sign language by enabling yourself to access the JW Sign Language app, notes, and any materials you need all at the same time. Focus all of your attention towards connecting with your deaf householder by using these hands free ministry products to handle organization and convenience.