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Children's Bible Songs

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Fun Children's Bible Songs Fun Children's Bible Songs [Digital Download ONLY]

The fun Bible-themed music will keep children (and adults!) entertained at home or on the road. Your kids will learn the order of the books of the Bible, the names of the 12 apostles. Other songs contain important lessons on Christian living, Christian qualities, Bible stories, and life in paradise.

Retail Price: US$8.99
Our Price: US$8.99
Download Bible Songs For Sharing | Jehovah's Witness Songs Bible Songs for SHARING [Digital Download ONLY]

As well as being enjoyable to listen to, the general spirit of this album is one that encourages appreciation for our Creator, His creation, and the importance of having a good relationship with Him. This album is dedicated to all those who appreciate the Giver of all good gifts.

Retail Price: US$8.99
Our Price: US$8.99

Downloadable Bible songs for children

When it comes to worshiping with your family, you want to find a fun way to get them involved while still reaching their little hearts with the Truth.

Upbeat Bible songs for children are a great way to provide your kids with a fun new way to sing and learn at the same time. Songs for Sharing and Bible Songs, albums by Brendan Vincent Owens, are sure to have your kids singing everywhere they go.

Children's Bible Songs with Important Lessons

Though both albums have the same overall goal of teaching God's Word, they have different approaches. Songs for Sharing has ten upbeat tracks that encourage children to appreciate the importance of having a relationship with Him. The worship songs focus on friendship, sharing, giving, and singing aloud for all to hear. Bible Songs, on the other hand, tells all the classic Biblical stories that we know and love, teaching your kids all about the story of Noah as well as the twelve apostles and the lessons that Jesus taught them.

Downloadable Bible Songs for Kids that are scripturally-accurate

All to often when it comes to making music, the story being told is sacrificed for the sake of the melody. Both the Songs for Sharing and Bible Songs explore the stories of the Bible in detail, are scripturally-accurate and make it enjoyable for children. All of the songs on these albums were written by Brendan Vincent Owens, who is a longtime Witness of Jehovah. Through his lyrics, he has found a way to cheerily and accurately teach your children all about Jehovah. Your kids will love singing along and memorizing stories they love. The whole time they are singing these songs, they won't even realize that they are actually studying and worshipping the entire time.

Family Worship Music Available in Digital Copy

All of the music on these albums is digital and available immediately after purchase as a digital download. Easily upload the music onto you or your children's mobile music playing devices. Play these songs on the go for a quick and easy way to entertain your children. Digital copies are great for putting on devices to play on road trips or on the go.