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Jehovahs Witness Kids Supplies - Meeting Bundle 7 in 1 Pack KID'S 2024 Meeting Gift Pack with YEAR TEXT "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." - Psalm 56:3

Save when buying a set of 2024 kids meeting supplies. This bundle includes: a 2024 Ministry Scheduler, a complete set of meeting workbooks, extra set of stickers, a fun year text pen, eight bookmarks, and a gift bag.

Regular Price: US$55.42
Bundle Price: US$39.99
Savings: US$15.43
JW Bundle for 2024 2024 Meeting BUNDLE

Save when buying a matching set of 2024 meeting products and get a Ministry Scheduler, pocket planner, a "My Spiritual Gems" Meeting Notebook, a pen, eight bookmarks, and a magnet.

Regular Price: US$38.43
Bundle Price: US$29.99
Savings: US$8.44
Jehovah's Witness Notebook 2024 for Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting 2024 JW Meeting Notebook 'My Spiritual Gems' with Psalm 56:3 Yeartext - Spiral Bound

Build your enthusiasm for sharing your "spiritual gems". Use this notebook to prepare encouraging comments throughout 2024!

Our Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$9.99
kids meeting notebooks 2024 Fun Meeting and Family Worship Workbooks/Activity books for JW KIDS (ages 3-12)

How are your children doing when it comes to "Digging for Spiritual Gems"? These kids' meeting notebooks are parent-designed and kid-approved for children between 3 and ten years old. Available in 3 options: Midweek Meeting, Sunday Meeting, and Family Worship.

Regular Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$9.99
2024 Digital JW Meeting Notebook, interactive and printable DOWNLOADABLE JW Meeting Notebook 2024: Interactive and Printable Formats

Downloadable. Embrace the digital age with our 2024 JW Meeting Notebook. Downloadable, interactive, and printable. Perfect for tablets and home printing. Capture spiritual insights with ease.

Our Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$4.99
Savings: US$5.00

Yeartext Meeting supplies for all ages

Find your 2024 notebooks for the JW congregation meetings. These items all feature the 2024 yeartext of Jehovah's Witnesses. Choose from a selection of cover designs, or get a workbook for kids