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Biblical Greeting Card Sets for Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah deeply cares about 'those crushed and lowly in spirit.' (Isaiah 57:15) His Word urges us to 'keep encouraging one another' and to 'speak consolingly to those who are depressed.' (1 Thessalonians 5:11, 14) What, though, can you say to build up a fellow brother or sister who is discouraged or depressed? Sometimes words simply fail us. But just because you don't have the gift of spiritual encouragement doesn't mean you can't give the gift of spiritual encouragement! This handy little JW greeting card set has something for nearly every occasion: weddings, anniversaries, get well, friendship, thanks, apologies, condolences, new baby, baptism and more! You never know when you'll need a little note of encouragement, so this 30-pack of scriptural greeting cards is great to have handy!

If you know someone who needs little bit of reassurance that God loves them, an encouraging Bible verse greeting card from Ministry Ideaz is sure to lift their spirits. Is there a sister in the congregation expecting a baby? You've got just the thing! Maybe your friend is ill or feeling down. You've got a card for that too! These scriptural greeting cards for Jehovah's Witnesses come with a pretty lit bit of artwork that is accompanied by a Bible verse conveying God's love from many cherished Bible verses from the revised New World Translation. You are sure to find the spiritual encouragement card to revitalize a loved one who is feeling down.

The greatest comfort comes from knowing that there is a caring and compassionate God on whom we can place all of our burdens. Please remind anyone in need of some encouragement of this by sending them one of these wonderful Jehovah's Witness greeting cards from Ministry Ideaz. What is only a few dollars to you can make a world of difference to someone who feels helpless and alone! Save up to 63%and get one of our assorted greeting card value packs!