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Storage Binder for Watchtower, Awake!, Our Christian Life and Ministry
Easily access multiple issues of Watchtower and Awake! Magazine, as well as the Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook. Since the branch has encouraged us to use the printed publications less and less, why not keep your loose copies in this handy binder instead of ordering Watchtower bound volumes? Punchless system keeps your publications looking new!

Binders for Watchtower & Awake Magazines & Christian Life and Ministry meeting workbooks

Why order Watchtower bound volumes when you can get a special reusable Watchtower and Awake binder? These binders are perfect for many occasions and protect your magazines from damage, whether you’re heading to and from Kingdom Hall or pioneering out in the field. Our Watchtower magazine binders are also available as “Our Christian Life and Ministry meeting workbook” holders. Available in quality leather & leatherette, these magazine organizers are a must-have for any theocratic library. Check out our durable Watchtower and Awake magazine and tract holder today – constructed with precise craftsmanship, it makes a great gift! Shop Ministry Ideaz today, and order your Watchtower folders at low costs and with fast shipping. /p>