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Bible Character Stickers for JW kids My Bible Character Stickers - 8 sheets (over 130 stickers)

8 extra sheets of sticker, including Bible characters. Over 130 stickers.

Retail Price: US$8.99
Our Price: US$4.99
Savings: US$4.00
JW Ministry Stickers JW Encouraging Stickers - 2 sheets (56 stickers)

Our preaching history through stickers. 2 sheets of stickers, 56 in total. Decorate your cards of encouragement or congratulations.

Retail Price: US$2.99
Our Price: US$2.99
Bible Character Stickers for JW kids My Bible Character and Preaching Stickers - 8 sheets (over 170 stickers)

8 extra sheets of stickers, including Bible characters, Paradise animals, and Children playing, preaching, and worshipping. Over 170 stickers.

Retail Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$4.99
Savings: US$5.00
Calendar Stickers for JW and Daily activities Cute Little Calendar Stickers for Spiritual and Daily activities (Over 600 stickers)

A sheet with over 600 stickers for all kinds of occasions. Whether it's theocratic or everyday activities, like doctor's appointments or Parent-teacher meetings. Decorate your calendar and keep track of important reminders.

Retail Price: US$2.99
Our Price: US$2.99
Pioneering card game for Jehovah's witnesses Pioneering - The Card Game for Jehovah's Witnesses

This fun card game will help you and your family enjoy your time indoors, while learning Bible scriptures to use in the real-life ministry.

Retail Price: US$24.99
Sale Price: US$18.99
Savings: US$6.00
'Open Your Hearts Wide' Bible game for Jehovah's Witnesses "Open Your Hearts Wide" Bible Game for Zoom [Digital Download - WINDOWS Computers ONLY]

The always entertaining "Open Your Hearts Wide" is a great way to get to know your brothers and sisters better. Ideal for playing over Zoom. For 4-16 people.

Retail Price: US$12.99
Our Price: US$12.99
ABC Bible Flashcars for Jehovah's witnesses Bible Flash Cards - Bible ABC's

Refresh your memory or help the kids learn the scriptures with these fun ABC flashcards.

Retail Price: US$12.99
Our Price: US$12.99
Bundle of fun stuff for kids Kids Bundle of FUN

Take advantage of savings and bring home some fun with this selection for kids! Complete with puzzle books, s Sophia pen, pencil crayons, stickers, a writing pad, and a tote to hold it all.

Retail Price: US$68.91
Our Price: US$59.99
Savings: US$8.92
Puzzle for Jehovah's Witnesses Featuring Ocean Scene Ocean Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle for JWs - 500 pieces

This 500-piece puzzle is a great way to spend some wholesome time with the family. Featuring a beautiful ocean paradise scene.

Retail Price: US$24.99
Our Price: US$24.99
Puzzle for Jehovah's Witnesses Featuring Jungle Scene Peaceful Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle for JWs - 500 pieces

This 500-piece puzzle is a great way to spend some wholesome time with the family. Featuring a beautiful peaceful paradise scene in the heart of a jungle.

Retail Price: US$24.99
Our Price: US$24.99
Bible Word Puzzle Book for JW children 'My Big Book of Bible Puzzles' Bible Activities for JW Kids

In 'My Big Book of Bible Puzzles' you'll find something for every child's skill level. With 100 imaginative mazes and fun word puzzles, adults love these games too! With a convenient answer key at the back of the puzzle book, these 100 Bible puzzles, mazes, seek-a-word and coloring pages are perfect for road trips, family worship, Christian get-togethers and more! These fun learning activities for family worship are based on Bible stories and verses from both the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.

Retail Price: US$12.99
Sale Price: US$7.99
Savings: US$5.00
Bible Activity & Crossword Puzzle Book- Jehovah's Witness Games 'My Bible Story Puzzle Book' Bible Activities for Kids

Packed with 40 pages of puzzles, word scrambles, and crosswords based on Bible stories from the Hebrew Scriptures.

Retail Price: US$4.99
Sale Price: US$4.99
Accurate Knowledge for Windows Bible trivia game for Jehovah's Witnesses 'Accurate Knowledge' Bible Trivia Game for Family Worship [Digital Download - WINDOWS Computers ONLY]

The Bible Question Game to challenge you and friends. Improve your comprehension of the Bible, while having fun! (For Windows PCs)

Retail Price: US$11.74
Our Price: US$11.74
My Bible Lessons' Infant Bible Illustrated Bible Stories Cover My Bible Lessons for babies protective cover

With our colorful protective cover, you simply insert the 8 sheets of the brochure into the eight colorful protective pockets. Now your youngster can "chew away" at his special "spiritual food" to his or her heart's content! Designed by caring parents, your child's Bible lessons will be protected from slobber and teeth.

Retail Price: US$20.99
Our Price: US$20.99
Jehovah's Witnesses Theocratic Digital Software Bundle Software BUNDLE for Jehovah's Witnesses - 5 Different Software Packages [Digital Download - WINDOWS Computers ONLY]

Get 5 of our popular computer games and software at one low price! Includes: Accurate Knowledge Trivia, Bible Choozit, Bible Books Puzzler, Bible Flashcards, and Bible Numbers Converter. (Download for Windows PCs only.)

Retail Price: US$52.70
Sale Price: US$36.89
Savings: US$15.81
TagOn Crossword Bible Scrabble board game for Jehovah's Witnesses Tag-On Bible Game - The World's Most Meaningful Crossword Board Game

Tag-On is a classic crossword game, not that different from Scrabble, but with important terms taken from the Bible. There are also special categories and, if a word should fall into one of them, extra points are earned. As the game moves forward, you will see that with every turn something new is learned about the Bible. A favorite for Family Worship

Retail Price: US$53.99
Sale Price: US$38.99
Savings: US$15.00
Choozit Game- Downloadable Bible Trivia Game For Windows Bible 'Choozit' - Bible Trivia Game for Windows [Digital Download - WINDOWS Computers ONLY]

Learn the order of Bible events and more. Over 50 different "drag and drop" Bible puzzles

Retail Price: US$12.99
Our Price: US$12.99
Bible Books Puzzler for Windows 'Bible Books Puzzler' - for *Windows [Digital Download - WINDOWS Computers ONLY]

Bible puzzles to help you get more familiar with the Bible. Fun for young and old alike!

Retail Price: US$7.99
Our Price: US$7.99
Stickers for the 2024 Special convention for JW Stickers for the 2024 "Declare the Good News" Special Conventions featuring each country

Sticker sheets with 71 stickers for each country hosting the 2024 conventions. Decorate your gift packages and encouraging cards.

Our Price: US$4.99
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Fun Activities and Games for Families

What are you and the family doing tonight? If you don't have anything planned, how about a family game night? When you can bring the family together over a good game while your faith as one of Jehovah's Witnesses is strengthened, it's the perfect item to have on the itinerary. Check out all the wholesome games and activities Jehovah's Witness families!

Jehovah's Witnesses games and activities

For your family night, there are dozens of books, activities and games that can reach your kids' hearts, keep spiritual things at the forefront, while at the same time having fun. Let's be honest. Finding wholesome entertainment these days is a challenge. However, with the right games and social activities, it is easy to keep focused good things. Ministry Ideaz offers some excellent resources for kids - and parents will enjoy them just as much. Select from puzzles, board games and more!

Under inspiration, Paul wrote "Fully accomplish your ministry" - 2 Timothy 4:5 ("Do your service thoroughly," Byington). Finding innovative ways to help spread the truth and strengthen our faith is just a part of what we do here at Ministry Ideaz. To that end, we JW famlies with all sorts of practical resources needed to teach our children.