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Bible Word Puzzle Book for JW children Theocratic Service Organizer for Jehovah's Witnesses 'Listen Obey and be Blessed' Tote
'My Big Book of Bible Puzzles' Bible Activities for JW Kids
Retail Price: US$11.99
Sale Price: US$9.99
Savings: US$2.00
"Listen Obey and be Blessed" Tote
Retail Price: US$9.99
Our Price: US$9.99
In 'My Big Book of Bible Puzzles' you'll find something for every child's skill level. With 100 imaginative mazes and fun word puzzles, adults love these games too! With a convenient answer key at the back of the puzzle book, these 100 Bible puzzles, mazes, seek-a-word and coloring pages are perfect for road trips, family worship, Christian get-togethers and more! These fun learning activities for family worship are based on Bible stories and verses from both the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. Did you ever take all sorts of beautiful notes, only to spend hours looking for the interested person because you forgot to put the street name? May that never happen again! Stay organized with the Ministry Ideaz Return Visit record keeper for Jehovah's Witnesses. This beautiful tote features a colorful artistic design and the text: "Listen Obey and be Blessed". Makes a nice gift and is great for all ages!
Beautiful Paradise  Tote "Take Life's Water Free" JW Water Bottle "Just see yourself" T-shirts
Paradise Tote
Retail Price: US$9.99
Our Price: US$9.99
JW Water Bottle - "Take Life's Water Free"
Our Price: US$12.99
Sale Price: US$12.99
"Just See Yourself" T-Shirt - WOMEN
Retail Price: US$19.99
Our Price: US$19.99
This colorful tote features a beautiful artistic design of paradise. This versatile bag is great for all ages and makes a nice gift. Use this 24 oz (750 mL) water bottle to stay hydrated in the ministry and your daily routine. This water bottle features the text from Revelation 22:17 - "Take life's water free." Cotton T-shirt for women featuring the text: "Just See Yourself".
"Just see yourself" T-shirts "Just see yourself" T-shirts
"Just See Yourself" T-Shirt - MEN
Retail Price: US$19.99
Our Price: US$19.99
"Just See Yourself" T-Shirt - CHILD
Retail Price: US$19.99
Our Price: US$15.99
Savings: US$4.00
"Best Life Ever" Baseball Caps for Jehovah's Witnesses
Our Price: US$19.99
Sale Price: US$9.99
Savings: US$10.00
Cotton T-shirt for Men featuring the text: "Just See Yourself". Cotton T-shirt for children featuring the text: "Just See Yourself". Keep the sun out of your eyes with this striking baseball cap featuring the text: "Best Life Ever!"
Congregation Bible Study Schedule Bookmark Leather Cover for 'Jesus - The Way the Truth, the Life' Book Jehovah's Witness Notebook 2017 for Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting
Leatherette cover for 'Jesus - The Way the Truth, the Life' Congregation Bible study
Base Price without zipper: US$19.99
Updated Price: US$19.99
This set of 8 bookmarks is beautifully decorated with the Congregation Bible Study publication's theme: 'Jesus - The Way, the Truth, the Life.' The page holders come in 8 colorful designs, so you're sure to find one that best fits your personality. Available in Spanish or English. Beautifully protect your publication for the Congregation Bible Study with a stylish leatherette cover for the Jesus - The Way the Truth, the Life book. The beautifully embossed Jesus - The Way the Truth, the Life cover fits your Congregation Bible Study publication like a glove and protects the pages from constantly snagging on your bag or briefcase. This little gem of a notebook will accompany you everywhere, and it fits in the palm of your hand! Keep it in your pocket to read and re-read all those positive thoughts that you've noted down.
Watchtower Awake Vinyl Pouch JW Assembly Bundle 'Don't Give Up in Doing What Is Fine!' and 'Don't Give Up in Fulfilling the Law of Christ!' Circuit Assemblies of Jehovah's Witnesses
Campaign Pouch for invitation work and special campaigns
Retail Price: US$19.99
Our Price: US$19.99
2018 Circuit Assembly Bundle - 30 JW assembly products for one low price
Retail Price: US$159.70
Our Price: US$99.99
Savings: US$59.71
Keep your placing literature neat and clean, and handy and readily viewable at the same time! When you're street witnessing or in the door-to-door ministry doing invitation work or special campaigns, all of these needs are fulfilled if you're using the Transparent Pouch for your Watchtower, Awake, tracts and invitations!
Save 37% when you get pens and notebooks for the whole family! Or keep some for yourself and give the other of gifts. When you order the 2018 Circuit Assembly Bundle, you'll get:
10 x 3-in-1 Stylus/Highlighter/Pens (five for each assembly theme, variety of colors)
10 x Fun animal assembly pens for Kids (five for each assembly theme)
5 x Kids' Circuit Assembly Activity Books and
5 x Two-in-one circuit assembly notebooks
This multi-function writing tool includes a pen, highlighter and stylus. An inexpensive, yet indispensable tool when you want to note down something interesting you learned at the assembly, this handy JW assembly pen combo makes a great gift too! Buy several for your friends and family and save money with your bulk order.
"Don't Give Up in Doing What Is Fine!" and "Don't Give Up in Fulfilling the Law of Christ!" "Don't Give Up in Doing What Is Fine!" and "Don't Give Up in Fulfilling the Law of Christ" Value Pack of service products
"Ministry Essentials" Value Pack!
Retail Price: US$76.05
Our Price: US$50.99
Savings: US$25.06
Get TWO assembly notebooks in ONE! The notebook for "Don't Give Up in Doing What Is Fine!" Circuit Assembly and "Don't Give Up in Fulfilling the Law of Christ!" Circuit Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses features a beautiful image of a paradisaic valley on its soft cover and measures 6.14" x 7.95". It will make a wonderful keepsake, with 38 full-color pages including talk themes and plenty of space for taking notes. The questions for meditation are also included.
Help your children pay attention and be confident that they are getting the most out of the "Don't Give Up in Doing What Is Fine!" and "Don't Give Up in Fulfilling the Law of Christ!" circuit assemblies with this cute spiral bound activity book made especially for them! 38 pages of quality paper make this durable and organized kids' activity notebook the perfect resource for your son or daughter to take notes on what they've learned. Save over 30% with this pack of essential ministry items.
Kids Assembly Pen Watchtower iPad case for Jehovah's Witnesses New Watchtower Magazine & Tract Display Folio with Vinyl Pockets
These fun and clever additions to your child's book bag or assembly pack will be a sure hit! Remind your children that Jehovah's creations are fun with these cute animal pens. Get the set of all four and save! Fill up your Phillip and you're out the door! With so many tablet cases on the market, it can be overwhelming to find just the right one. That is why our iPad cases and tablet holders are made BY witnesses, FOR witnesses. Keep your tablet protected, while having easy access to all your tracts, magazines, invitations and more! Get this light-weight and inexpensive folio to hold and protect your magazines and tracts. This vinyl display folio comes in many different colors. When you don't feel like carrying a large bag, the Easy Watchtower Folio is just what you need to carry under your arm, looking neat and professional.
Bible Activity & Crossword Puzzle Book- Jehovah's Witness Games Jehovah's Witness Notebook 2017 for Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting JW Tablet Tote
"My Spiritual Gems" 2017 Meeting Workbook Companion with JW yeartext
Retail Price: US$5.99
Sale Price: US$4.99
Savings: US$1.00
The 'Service Ready' Tablet Tote
Retail Price: US$44.49
Our Price: US$44.49
Take your child on an amazing journey from creation to the account of Dinah with 'My Bible Story Puzzle Book' Bible Activities for Kids! Packed with 40 pages of puzzles, word scrambles, and crosswords, this fun-filled activity book puts fun and excitement into reading Bible stories from the Hebrew Scriptures. With this notebook for the "Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting,"  and Sunday meeting, you have a handy spot to jot down all the notes and "spiritual gems" that you're going to dig for each week. If you're like many of us, sometimes the hardest part of getting out the door to the service arrangement is getting your ministry bag all packed! With the Service Ready Tablet Tote from Ministry Ideaz, you'll always have everything you need, all organized and ready. Just grab it and head out the door.
'The intrepid' Ministry Case Colorful Kids Caleb & Sophia Magnetic Butterfly Pen with Encouraging Phrase Caleb's DIY Airplane
'The Intrepid' Ministry Case
Retail Price: US$134.99
Our Price: US$134.99
COMING SOON! Caleb's DIY Airplane
Our Price: US$14.99
Sale Price: US$14.99
Keep your ministry essentials organized and easily accessible with 'The Intrepid' ministry case. Sometimes leather handbags and tote bags can be cumbersome when you've got a lot to do in the ministry. However, this messenger-style case is designed to help you keep up the pace. This case will help you stay organized and keep everything quickly accessible. Each Sophia butterfly pen writes smoothly and includes a magnet so that you can decorate the fridge with it! With a replaceable ink cartridge, these durable novelty pens make a great gift for the young children in your congregation. Get the set of all four and save! The children will smile with glee with the vast assortment of fun and inspirational Sophia pens. Take to the skies with this toy plane inspired by Caleb. Spend quality time with your children constructing this new plane. But the fun doesn't stop there! This red wooden plane will be a welcome addition to your kids toy collection.
2018 Theocratic Planner + Agenda for Jehovah's Witnesses Regional Convention Notebook/Note Taker- JW Supplies Pencil featuring Romans 12:12 'Rejoice in the hope. Endure under tribulation. Persevere in prayer'
2018 Pocket Calendar for Jehovah's Witnesses - SINGLE UNITS
Base Price: US$2.99
Updated Price: US$1.99
Savings: US$1.00
Pencils (Romans 12:12) - Set of 6
Retail Price: US$5.99
Our Price: US$5.99
Plan and track your service report, important dates and pioneer schedule. This theocratic pocket agenda coincides with the 2018 service year, starting in September 2017 and running through the end of 2018. The beautiful calendar offers inspirational quotes  each month. Each beautiful booklet has 44 pages and is offered with a full color cover on high quality card stock with an ultraviolet coating. Each month has spaces to include you service report for each day. With the talk titles and theme scriptures pre-printed on the inside pages, all you have to do is add your notes! As a special gift or personal journal, the Notebook for 'Don't Give Up!' convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses features a colorful soft cover and measures 6.7 inches x 8.7 inches. It will make a wonderful keepsake, with 58 pages including talk themes and plenty of space for taking notes. These pencils will help you keep close in mind the encouraging words at Romans 12:12 - 'Rejoice in the hope. Endure under tribulation. Persevere in Prayer.' Comes in 6 different colors.

Jehovah's Witnesses Gift Ideas

From celebrating baptisms to commemorating milestones, the perfect present is a joy to give and receive. We've assembled a wonderful collection of gift for Jehovah's Witnesses ideal for every occasion and all ages. To make your shopping even easier, we've organized everything into categories for your browsing pleasure. Take your time, and enjoy exploring our delightful selections. You're sure to find something special for everyone on your list.

Our online shelves are filled with timeless ideas, and our unique portals help streamline your shopping experience. Focus on JW gift ideas for Mom and Dad, or find something inspirational for a new Pioneer. Choose a favorite color for the leatherette Watchtower and Kingdom Ministry holder, and complete your gift with an attractive traveling service bag or a handy meeting organizer for the mini tablet.

Ministry Ideaz understands the importance of honoring a budget, so we also offer our thoughtful gifts for Jehovah's Witnesses sorted by price range. You can narrow any search by title, popularity and other criteria, so relax while you shop for just the right present. Even your last-minute quandaries are covered with our gift certificates available for email delivery or printing at home. We're confident that our gift ideas will inspire your giving nature.