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Tablet Tote featuring embridery designs The 'Service Ready' Tablet Tote Embroidery Design

The Service Ready Tablet Tote we all love, now with a new and eye-catching embroidery design. Have everything you need, all organized and ready. Just grab it and head out the door.

Retail Price: US$69.99
Our Price: US$69.99
Big Bundle for 2024 JW Circuit Assemblies Assembly BUNDLE for 2023-2024 'Enter Into God's Rest!' and 'Eagerly Wait For Jehovah!' Circuit Assemblies

Get all your assembly supplies at once and save! Includes Pens and notebooks for everyone.

Regular Price: US$405.44
Bundle Price: US$299.99
Savings: US$105.45
Jehovah's Witness Notebook 2024 for Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting 2024 JW Meeting Notebook 'My Spiritual Gems' with Psalm 56:3 Yeartext - Spiral Bound

Build your enthusiasm for sharing your "spiritual gems". Use this notebook to prepare encouraging comments throughout 2024!

Our Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$9.99
JW Letter Writing Notepad - JW Supplies Paradise Stationery for Letter Writing - 8.5" x 11"

Stationery for letter witnessing with 52 narrowed ruled sheets. Each sheet brings a beautiful illustration of paradise for an inspiring message of the promise of a New World.

Our Price: US$12.99
Sale Price: US$9.74
Savings: US$3.25
Print-Ready Sepia Paradise-Themed Letter Stationery Sepia-toned Printer Paper with Paradise Theme - Letter size

Loose printer paper. Standard Letter-size. Creamy sepia-toned.

Our Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$9.99
Peaceful Paradise-Themed Letter Stationery Colorful Paradise Printer Paper - Letter size

Loose leaf paper. Standard Letter-size. Full-color paradise scenes.

Our Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$9.99
JW Letter Writing Notepad - JW Supplies Paradise Stationery for Letter Writing - note-sized, 6" x 8"

Full-color letter stationery with fifty narrow ruled sheets. Bring to life the touching message of hope you are delivering.

Our Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$5.00
Savings: US$4.99
JW Envelopes - JW Supplies Sepia envelope for Letter Writing - 4.5" x 9.5"

Set of 26 envelopes for letter writing. Designed to match our sepia style paradise stationery.

Our Price: US$0.40
Sale Price: US$0.40
JW Letter Writing Envelopes with Bible text- JW Supplies Scriptural Paradise Envelopes for Letter Writing - 4.5" x 9.5"

Envelopes for letter writing with Bible text. Designed to match our colorful paradise stationery. Choose from 5 unique designs. (For purchase individually.)

Our Price: US$0.40
Sale Price: US$0.40
JW Letter Writing Set - JW Supplies Paradise Stationery bundle

Stationery bundle for letter witnessing with 50 sheets of paper, 40 envelopes, and a pen.

Regular Price: US$25.99
Sale Price: US$16.89
Savings: US$9.10
Children learn with Eagerly Wait for Jehovah Activity Book "Eagerly Wait for Jehovah" Kids' Activity Book (Ages 3-9) for the 2023/2024 JW Assembly

Introduce your child to the joy of spiritual growth with the 'Eagerly Wait for Jehovah' activity book for ages 3-9. Packed with fun tasks and exercises aligned with the talk themes, this activity book helps young ones become Jehovah's friend as they actively pay attention during each talk.

Retail Price: US$9.99
Our Price: US$9.99
"Eagerly Wait for Jehovah" Youth Activity Journal Ages 8-15 Activity Journal for Youth (Ages 8-15) - "Eagerly Wait for Jehovah" Circuit Assembly

Designed for kids aged 8-15, this "Eagerly Wait for Jehovah" assembly activity journal encourages spiritual growth and active attention to the talks. It's packed with activities, features for note-taking, and prompts for personal reflection and application, making it an essential resource in helping your child become Jehovah's friend.

Retail Price: US$9.99
Our Price: US$9.99
Children's activity workbook for 'Enter Into God’s Rest' circuit assembly "Enter Into God's Rest" Kids' Activity Book (Ages 3-9) for the 2023/2024 JW Assembly

Help your kids stay engaged and focused during the 'Enter Into God's Rest!' Circuit Assembly with this colorful, activity-packed workbook designed for ages 3 to 9. Filled with interactive games, puzzles, and coloring activities tailored to each talk's theme, this workbook aids in theocratic learning and encourages thoughtful application of the assembly's teachings.

Retail Price: US$9.99
Our Price: US$9.99
"Enter Into God's Rest" JW Youths' Workbook designed for theocratic learning and spiritual growth. JW Youth's Workbook for the "Enter Into God's Rest!" Assembly (Ages 8-15)

Engage your child in theocratic learning with the 'Enter Into God's Rest!' assembly workbook designed for ages 8-15. This colorful activity book encourages note-taking, scripture logging, and applying lessons learned. Ideal for kids eager to enhance their spiritual growth and become Jehovah's friend.

Retail Price: US$9.99
Our Price: US$9.99
*DOWNLOAD* 2023/2024 Note Takers for "Eagerly Wait for Jehovah!" and "Enter Into God's Rest" CIRCUIT Assemblies *DOWNLOAD* 2023/2024 Note Takers for "Eagerly Wait for Jehovah!" and "Enter Into God's Rest" CIRCUIT Assemblies

Choose from an interactive digital notebook or the print-at-home version.

Retail Price: US$7.99
Our Price: US$5.99
Savings: US$2.00
Notebook for Pioneer School featuring 2 Timothy 4:5 "Fully Accomplish Your Ministry." "Fully Accomplish Your Ministry" Pioneer School Notebook with guided prompts

Get ready for Pioneer School and organize your notes with this notebook.

Retail Price: US$12.99
Our Price: US$12.99
Daily Bible Reading Diary for Jehovah's Witnesses "My Bible Reading Diary" - Study Companion for Jehovah's Witnesses

Discover 'My Bible Reading Diary,' the perfect companion for Jehovah's Witnesses. Choose from a variety of elegant hardcover and soft fabric editions for your daily scripture study.

Price for coil-bound: US$19.99
Sale Price: US$19.99
2024 Yeartext fridge magnet for Jehovah's Witnesses 2024 JW Yeartext fridge magnet "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." - Psalm 56:3

Are you a fridge magnet collector? Remember the 2024 yeartext with one of these gorgeous magnets

Regular Price: US$3.99
Sale Price: US$3.99
Landyards for the 2024 Special Conventions  for Jehovah's Witness Landyards for the 2024 'Declare the Good News' Special Conventions

Make the Special Convention extra special with a lanyard featuring the convention theme. Each colorful design showcases the convention location.

Our Price: US$14.99
Coming Soon!
Pins of four bethel locations - Wallkill, Warwick, Patterson, and Brooklyn Metallic Pins of Bethel - 4 different designs

Metallic pins featuring different bethel locations. Use them as a keepsake to remember your trip to bethel, or get them as gifts.

Retail Price: US$8.99
Our Price: US$6.99
Savings: US$2.00
'Jehovah's Witness  'No Blood Transfusion' Key Ring JW 'No Blood' Key Rings

This no blood key ring directs medical and emergency personnel to your Advance Health Care Directive in your wallet or purse. Attach the key chain to your keys, purse or child's backpack and alert emergency personnel of your stand on blood transfusions. It also works as a great conversation starter!

Retail Price: US$11.99
Our Price: US$11.99
Leather Cover for 'Enjoy Life Forever' Book Leatherette cover for 'Enjoy Life Forever' Bible study Book

Stylish leatherette cover for the Enjoy Life Forever book. Beautifully embossed, available with or without a zipper.

Regular Price without zipper: US$19.99
Updated Sale Price: US$19.99
Leatherette Cover and bundle for 'Enjoy Life Forever' Book Leatherette Study BUNDLE for 'Enjoy Life Forever' Congregation Bible study

'Enjoy Life Forever' Study Bundle: Leatherette cover, pen, 8 bookmarks.

Regular Price without zipper: US$28.97
Updated Sale Price: US$25.98
Bundle for the 'Enjoy Life Forever' Book - with vinyl cover Clear Vinyl Study BUNDLE for 'Enjoy Life Forever' Bible study

'Enjoy Life Forever' Study Bundle: Vinyl cover, pen, and 8 bookmarks.

Regular Price: US$15.97
Bundle Price: US$12.98
JW Ministry Stickers JW Encouraging Stickers - 2 sheets (56 stickers)

Our preaching history through stickers. 2 sheets of stickers, 56 in total. Decorate your cards of encouragement or congratulations.

Retail Price: US$2.99
Our Price: US$2.99
Cushion Cover for Jehovah's Witnesses Features the 2023 yeartext Psalm 119:160 Cushion Cover for Jehovah's Witnesses (pillow NOT included)

These cushion covers are a great accent piece for the home. Feature sturdy material and a beautiful design.

Regular Price: US$12.99
Sale Price: US$6.50
Savings: US$6.49
kids meeting notebooks 2024 Fun Meeting and Family Worship Workbooks/Activity books for JW KIDS (ages 3-12)

How are your children doing when it comes to "Digging for Spiritual Gems"? These kids' meeting notebooks are parent-designed and kid-approved for children between 3 and ten years old. Available in 3 options: Midweek Meeting, Sunday Meeting, and Family Worship.

Regular Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$9.99
Mousepad for Jehovah's Witnesses Features the 2024 yeartext Mouse Pad with 2024 JW Year Text: "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." - Psalm 56:3

The perfect accessory for your computer desk! Add the yeartext to your work/study space with these paradise mousepads for 2024.

Retail Price: US$6.99
Our Price: US$6.99
2024 Bible Reading Bookmarks Set with Psalm 56:3 Text 2024 Bible Reading Schedule Bookmarks with Year Text - Psalm 56:3

2024 Bible Reading Tracker Bookmarks: Stay on track with your Life and Ministry Bible reading using our inspirational bookmarks. Each features the year text "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you" - Psalm 56:3. With 40 different designs, there's something for everyone.

Regular Price: US$1.99
Sale Price: US$1.99
Yeartext 2024 Meeting Pen and Stylus Combo - Compatible with JW Library App, Featuring Psalm 56:3 2024 Stylus Pen with YEAR TEXT "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." - Psalm 56:3 - 1 pen (random color)

Maximize your ministry and meeting experience with our Yeartext 2024 Meeting Pen, a dual-function pen-stylus combo tailored for use with the JW Library app. Engraved with Psalm 56:3 to fortify your faith in every annotation and digital highlight.

Regular Price: US$4.99
Sale Price: US$4.99

Jehovah's Witnesses Gift Ideas

From celebrating baptisms to commemorating milestones, the perfect present is a joy to give and receive. We've assembled a wonderful collection of gift for Jehovah's Witnesses ideal for every occasion and all ages. To make your shopping even easier, we've organized everything into categories for your browsing pleasure. Take your time, and enjoy exploring our delightful selections. You're sure to find something special for everyone on your list.

Our online shelves are filled with timeless ideas, and our unique portals help streamline your shopping experience. Focus on JW gift ideas for Mom and Dad, or find something inspirational for a new Pioneer. Choose a favorite color for the leatherette Watchtower and Kingdom Ministry holder, and complete your gift with an attractive traveling service bag or a handy meeting organizer for the mini tablet.

Ministry Ideaz understands the importance of honoring a budget, so we also offer our thoughtful gifts for Jehovah's Witnesses sorted by price range. You can narrow any search by title, popularity and other criteria, so relax while you shop for just the right present. Even your last-minute quandaries are covered with our gift certificates available for email delivery or printing at home. We're confident that our gift ideas will inspire your giving nature.