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What to Buy for a Regular Pioneer

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2022 MY MINISTRY SCHEDULER - Calendar (pocket size) with yeartext. The ultimate pioneer planner 2022 MY MINISTRY SCHEDULER - Calendar (pocket size) with yeartext. The ultimate pioneer planner

Plan and track your service report, important dates, and pioneer schedule. Featuring the 2022 year text: "Those seeking Jehovah will lack nothing good." - Psalm 34:10

Retail Price: US$5.99
Sale Price: US$4.49
Savings: US$1.50
Notebook for Pioneer School featuring 2 Timothy 4:5 "Fully Accomplish Your Ministry." "Fully Accomplish Your Ministry" Pioneer School Notebook with guided prompts

Get ready for Pioneer School and organize your notes with this notebook.

Retail Price: US$12.99
Our Price: US$12.99
2021 - 2022 POCKET PLANNER for Jehovah's Witnesses - (2 Sizes - Optional Protective Cover) 2021 - 2022 POCKET PLANNER for Jehovah's Witnesses - (2 Sizes - Optional Protective Cover)

A pocket planner with all the features. Available in 2 sizes, this 16-month planner coincides with the 2022 service year (starting in September 2021). Each month includes space to track your service report. Vinyl covers are available!

Base Price: US$3.99
Updated Sale Price: US$2.99
Savings: US$1.00
Downloadable Diary & Weekly Agenda/Organizer for 2022 *DOWNLOAD* 2022 PRINTABLE "My Life Book" Theocratic WEEKLY AGENDA + DIARY - one digital license

Downloadable version of the 2022 'My Life Book' weekly agenda. This agenda has it all - an elegant style and loads of features.

Retail Price: US$12.99
Our Price: US$5.00
Savings: US$7.99
Jehovah's Witness Diary & Weekly Agenda/Organizer for 2022 2022 "My Life Book" Theocratic WEEKLY AGENDA + DIARY with Bible Reading Schedule and YEAR TEXT

Watercolor style, spiral-bound, 212 pages, and place to keep track of everything. The 2022 'My Life Book' is a deluxe weekly agenda that has it all.

Regular Price: US$12.99
Sale Price: US$9.74
Savings: US$3.25
JW Ministry Stickers JW Encouraging Stickers - 2 sheets (56 stickers)

Our preaching history through stickers. 2 sheets of stickers, 56 in total. Decorate your cards of encouragement or congratulations.

Retail Price: US$2.99
Our Price: US$2.99
Value Pack of service products "Ministry Essentials" Value Pack!

Save $20 with this pack of essential ministry items.

Retail Price: US$90.89
Our Price: US$70.89
Savings: US$20.00
Gift Bags for Jehovah's Witnesses "Best Life Ever" Gift bags

Choose between 2 styles of gift bags, designed to gift-giving a breeze.

Retail Price: US$4.99
Our Price: US$4.99
Pioneer School Pens - 3 styles Pens for Pioneer School - 3 styles

Pens for pioneers available in 3 styles. Each style features a different phrase.

Regular Price: US$6.99
Sale Price: US$6.99
Fun fridge magnets for Jehovah's Witnesses FUN Fridge MAGNETS with cute sayings [2.5" x 2.5"]

These cute little magnets are sure to bring a smile to your face! Place one on your fridge for a daily reminder, or send one to a friend as a cheery little gift.

Retail Price: US$1.99
Our Price: US$1.49
Savings: US$0.50
Classy Companion Combo - Two Folios Classy Companion Combo - Tract and Magazine Folios

This is one classy combo. Get two matching folios, each hand-painted with a beautiful design. Choose from 6 different designs. Includes a magazine folio and a tract folio.

Regular Price: US$45.99
Sale Price: US$45.99
Theocratic Service Organizer for Jehovah's Witnesses Return Visit and Service Record book for Jehovah's Witnesses

Did you ever take all sorts of beautiful notes, only to spend hours looking for the interested person because you forgot to put the street name? May that never happen again! Stay organized with the Ministry Ideaz Return Visit record keeper for Jehovah's Witnesses.

Our Price: US$24.99
Sale Price: US$19.99
JW Tablet Tote The 'Service Ready' Tablet Tote

If you're like many of us, sometimes the hardest part of getting out the door to the service arrangement is getting your ministry bag all packed! With the Service Ready Tablet Tote from Ministry Ideaz, you'll always have everything you need, all organized and ready. Just grab it and head out the door.

Retail Price: US$44.49
Our Price: US$44.49
'The intrepid' Ministry Case 'The Intrepid' Ministry Case

Stay organized and keep everything quickly accessible with this leather messenger-style ministry bag.

Retail Price: US$140.99
Our Price: US$140.99
Handy Watchtower Awake Magazine and Tract Display Folio - No more doggy-ears Magazine and Tract Display Folio - No more doggy ears

This leather- or leatherette-lined vinyl tract folio is durable, easy to grip, and comfortably holds up to 48 tracts and four or five magazines. The clear vinyl windows provide easy viewing when you want to reach for a specific tract or magazine title. Once the folio is loaded with your current issues, it slips neatly into your briefcase or under your arm.

Base Price for Leatherette: US$39.99
Updated Price: US$39.99

JW Evangelism Materials and Training Tools

Do you know someone who is attending the "Pioneer Service School," "Gilead" or "School for Kingdom Evangelizers"? Perhaps you know of someone who is moving to serve where the need is greater. No matter what, if someone you know is setting out as a full time evangelizer or increasing his or her service, Ministry Ideaz has just the minister supplies for making this endeavor a successful one from the get go. Our tools for evangelism include convenient organizational materials such as a Deluxe Tract Folio and Organizer, the All-in-one Preaching Folio, and the "Do-it-Yourself" NWT + Reasoning Book combo, which are perfect for getting the career of a new pioneer started on the right foot. Auxiliary, regular and special pioneers and even missionaries will appreciate the record books we offer for keeping track of newly interested ones that we come into contact with while spreading the good news. We have calendars for tracking service time, Bible studies and appointments. Missionaries and "need greaters" will appreciate the multi-purpose leather bags designed especially for those who are traveling and have a lot of items to take with them.

Shop Ministry Ideaz today to find the perfect gift for someone who has dedicated his or her life to the full time pioneer service. There are so many different ways to serve Jehovah full-time, aren't there! Together we can bring more and more people into the Truth.