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Toy Teddy Bear Bible Word Puzzle Book for JW children Bible Activity & Crossword Puzzle Book- Jehovah's Witness Games
Toy 'Caleb' Teddy Bear
Our Price: US$19.99
Sale Price: US$12.99
Savings: US$7.00
'My Big Book of Bible Puzzles' Bible Activities for JW Kids
Retail Price: US$11.99
Sale Price: US$5.99
Savings: US$6.00
'My Bible Story Puzzle Book' Bible Activities for Kids
Retail Price: US$4.99
Sale Price: US$4.99
This furry friend will make a great gift for the little girl or boy in your life. Add this stuffed teddy bear to your kids toy collection. In 'My Big Book of Bible Puzzles' you'll find something for every child's skill level. With 100 imaginative mazes and fun word puzzles, adults love these games too! With a convenient answer key at the back of the puzzle book, these 100 Bible puzzles, mazes, seek-a-word and coloring pages are perfect for road trips, family worship, Christian get-togethers and more! These fun learning activities for family worship are based on Bible stories and verses from both the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. Take your child on an amazing journey from creation to the account of Dinah with 'My Bible Story Puzzle Book' Bible Activities for Kids! Packed with 40 pages of puzzles, word scrambles, and crosswords, this fun-filled activity book puts fun and excitement into reading Bible stories from the Hebrew Scriptures.
Leopold Engleitner 'Unbroken Will' Downloadable Movie/Documentary Leopold Engleitner, 'Ladder In The Lion's Den' Movie Taking the Stand - We Have More to say
This touching and impressive documentary recounts the experiences of a humble man who, because he was a bibelforscher (Jehovah's Witness) and objected to military service, had to endure the brutal machinery of the Hitler regime in 3 concentration camps This is the true story of Leopold Engleitner, who at 107 years old was the world’s oldest known Nazi concentration camp survivor. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses (a bibelforscher), he refused to join the Hitler army and to salute "Heil Hitler." Like a "ladder" lowered into the "lions' den" he was given a way out by the Nazis, but he did not give up his beliefs. TAKING THE STAND: We Have More to Say condenses the insights and experiences of nine victims of the Nazi movement and their messages to the younger generation. They are from five different countries and were persecuted for reasons of ethnicity, politics/ideology, or religion. All together they can provide life experience totaling 806 years and 7 months!
Accurate Knowledge for Windows Bible trivia game for Jehovah's Witnesses My Bible Lessons' Infant Bible Illustrated Bible Stories Cover Jehovah's Witnesses Theocratic Digital Software Bundle
My Bible Lessons for babies protective cover
Retail Price: US$17.99
Our Price: US$17.99
Accurate Knowledge - The Bible Question Game is a challenging but fun Christian game to play on the computer with friends.  'Accurate Knowledge' for Windows not only tests your knowledge, it is a wonderful learning tool to improve your comprehension of the Bible, while building your faith. With our colorful protective cover, you simply insert the 8 sheets of the brochure into the eight colorful protective pockets. Now your youngster can "chew away" at his special "spiritual food" to his or her heart's content! Designed by caring parents, your child's Bible lessons will be protected from slobber and teeth. Get all five of our popular JW computer games and software for one low price!
  1. Accurate Knowledge Bible trivia game: Great for family worship evening! A challenging but fun Christian game to play on the computer with
  2. Bible Choozit Bible game: Learn the order of Bible events and more. Over 50 different "drag and drop" Bible puzzles.
  3. 6-in-1 Bible Puzzles: Helps you learn and remember more about the Bible, with an adjustable skill level, to make puzzles that are challenging to more experiences ones, and 'just right' for novices.
  4. Bible Flashcards: Memorize scriptures easily with this computer version of the scripture 'card deck'. Add scriptures that interest you, or practice with the over 450 included.
  5. Bible Numbers Converter: A handy tool to make your Bible research or reading more meaningful. Allows you to convert many of the measurements in Bible passages to modern units.

(All software delivered as digital download for WINDOWS ONLY)

Board games for Jehovah's Witnesses TagOn Crossword Bible board game for Jehovah's Witnesses Fun Children's Bible Songs
House2House Board Game for Jehovah's Witnesses
Retail Price: US$49.99
Sale Price: US$29.99
Savings: US$20.00
Tag-On Bible Game - The World's Most Meaningful Crossword Board Game
Retail Price: US$53.99
Sale Price: US$39.99
Savings: US$14.00
Fun Children's Bible Songs [Digital Download ONLY]
Retail Price: US$8.99
Our Price: US$4.50
Savings: US$4.49
Well-designed board games have been shown to be quite helpful in teaching, especially for kids, because the learning takes place as a side consequence of the actual playing, which is mainly for fun. This Jehovah's Witnesses board game, called the House to House Board Game, is fun, family oriented, and geared toward the interactive learning of Bible Scriptures. It encourages the family to join in an activity to promote bonding while helping them better understand God's Word. The TagOn crossword board game is a favorite for Family Worship
evening! The goal is to spell out important words that are found in the Bible. There are also special categories and, if a word should fall into one of them, extra points are earned. As the game moves forward, you will see that with every turn something new is learned about the Bible.
The fun Bible-themed music will keep children (and adults!) entertained at home or on the road. Your kids will learn the order of the books of the Bible, the names of the 12 apostles. Other songs contain important lessons on Christian living, Christian qualities, Bible stories, and life in paradise.
Bible Flashcard Bible game for Jehovah's Witnesses Choozit Game- Downloadable Bible Trivia Game For Windows Bible Books Puzzler for Windows
Bible Flashcards for *Windows [Digital Download - WINDOWS Computers ONLY]
Retail Price: US$9.99
Our Price: US$5.00
Savings: US$4.99
'Bible Books Puzzler' - for *Windows [Digital Download - WINDOWS Computers ONLY]
Retail Price: US$7.99
Our Price: US$4.00
Savings: US$3.99
Memorize scriptures easily with this computer version of the scripture 'card deck'. Add scriptures that interest you, or practice with the over 450 included (from the NWT). Use alone or optionally with timer and scoring in team play. Learn the order of Bible events and more. Over 50 different "drag and drop" Bible puzzles Fun for young and old alike, our Bible puzzles game for Jehovah's Witnesses is the ideal tool for Family Worship Evening as it helps players get more familiar with the Bible and related Bible information. Although it is a great educational tool for JW children, they'll think they're just 'having fun'!
Download Bible Songs For Sharing | Jehovah's Witness Songs Bible Numbers Converter for Windows
Bible Songs for SHARING [Digital Download ONLY]
Retail Price: US$8.99
Our Price: US$4.50
Savings: US$4.49
Bible Numbers Converter for *Windows [Digital Download - WINDOWS Computers ONLY]
Retail Price: US$9.99
Our Price: US$5.00
Savings: US$4.99
As well as being enjoyable to listen to, the general spirit of this album is one that encourages appreciation for our Creator, His creation, and the importance of having a good relationship with Him. This album is dedicated to all those who appreciate the Giver of all good gifts. How you ever wondered how long Noah's ark was in feet or meters? Or what the Widow's Mite would be worth in today's dollars (or yen)? This program includes conversions for length, time, weights, and volumes. As well, it converts ancient money values, allowing you to get a better understanding of ancient money's 'buying power.'

Jehovah's Witnesses Family Worship Resources

Family worship is one of the most important parts of spiritual growth, for parents as well as for children. At Ministry Ideaz, we have family worship materials for Jehovah's Witnesses that will please every family member. Adults and children alike will enjoy a variety of books, movies, puzzles, flashcards, and games that will help instill important stories and lessons from the Bible. We offer Jehovah's Witnesses family worship supplies that make family worship into something fun and worth looking forward to each day.

Kids will enjoy activities such as those found in My Bible Story Puzzle Book, filled with fun word search and crossword puzzles. In Bible Songs, the kids will easily listen and learn the names of the apostles and the books of the Bible. Scriptures are easy for children to memorize with Bible Flashcards for Windows, or you can try the Bible Trivia Game for getting the entire family involved. Board games are also a great way to engage the family. House2House is an interactive game for two players or more and helps in the understanding of Bible scriptures. For 50 puzzles based on the New World Translation Bible, the family will enjoy the Bible Choozit Bible game.

At Ministry Ideaz, there are Jehovah's Witnesses praise and worship resources that can be used in the home, in public, or in conferences. These resources are wonderful avenues for reaching children and helping them learn to reach out to others. Have some fun, and learn about the Bible at the same time, with Ministry Ideaz family worship resources!