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Our motto is "Individually Handcrafted -- Designed to last a lifetime." Located in Ecuador, for past 15 years we have specialized in quality handcrafted goods - from Bible covers to book bags and more. Using the best tools and and materials to provide you with supplies that you can use for years to come. Read more...

Featured Products

2019 Bible Reading Desk Calendar for Jehovah's Witnesses for REGULAR Bible (with ZIPPER): Clear vinyl COVER for New World Translation - with COLORED TRIM *fits ENGLISH edition
Base Price: US$9.99
Updated Price: US$2.00
Savings: US$7.99
Regular Price: US$9.99
Updated Price: US$9.99
2019 Desk Calendar for Jehovah's Witnesses Clear Vinyl zipper Cover/Protector For New World Translation Bible
Our 2019 desk calendars feature the wonders of Jehovah's creation and the 2019 yeartext. The 2019 JW desk calendar runs from January to December 2019 for a total of 12 months and includes the 2019 Bible reading for each week to help you stay on track. This handy wall calendar also has the special memorial Bible reading. Have you ever had rain affect the delicate silver on the edges of your Bible? Well, that will never happen again when you have this cover zipped shut and protecting it! The high quality zipper is just the right shade of gray cover to match your Bible perfectly. This NWT Bible cover has gray fabric edging which adds a touch of class and a great finish. *Note: Also fits Swedish edition
for *FRENCH* Bible (with ZIPPER): Cover for New World Translation - with FOIL STAMPED Title *Grey leather/vinyl COMING SOON! SPANISH Cuaderno de Guia para actividades para la Reunion 2020 "Mis Perlas Espirituales"
Base Price for Leatherette: US$20.99
Updated Price: US$20.99
Retail Price: US$5.99
Sale Price: US$4.99
Savings: US$1.00
Embossed cover for New World Translation - French Cuaderno testigos de Jehova 2020 en espanol
FRENCH version. Ideal for any age, and a great gift for any occasion! This beautiful embossed Bible cover is available in Bible grey. It includes a zipper, two velvet page marker ribbons, and pockets on the inside. Con todas las nuevas y emocionantes perlas espirituales que buscaremos y que encontraremos en nuestra investigacion para la Reunion Vida y Ministerio Cristianos, ahora mas que nunca usted necesitara una herramienta practica para tomar todos los apuntes y "perlas espirituales" que encontrara cada semana. Este es el cuadero para ti.
for LARGE PRINT Bible (with ZIPPER): Clear vinyl COVER for New World Translation - with Bible GREY TRIM *fits ENGLISH edition *SPANISH* forro estampado para la nueva biblia: "La Biblia Traduccion del Nuevo Mundo"
Retail Price: US$11.99
Our Price: US$9.99
Savings: US$2.00
Regular Price for Leatherette: US$20.99
Updated Sale Price: US$20.99
Clear Vinyl zipper Cover/Protector For Large Print New World Translation Bible forro estampado para traduccion del nuevo mundo espanol
You love you large print Bible, right? You've got the margins all marked up with your notes. You want to protect it from wear and tear, yet show off its beauty. What you need is our high-quality vinyl zipper cover for the large print New World Translation. This handsome yet practical clear plastic Bible Cover is just right to protect your New World Translation 2013 Revised Edition (large print). Nuestros hermosos forros con pan de plata ya estan disponibles para la nueva Biblia en espanol. Disponibles en cuero y corosil, le queda perfecto a tu Traduccion del Nuevo Mundo, protegiendola de los elementos.

Jehovah's Witnesses Ministry Supplies

At Ministry Ideaz, you will find wonderful products for Jehovah’s Witnesses and supplies for your entire family, your friends, and your loved ones.

We offer beautiful book covers in leather, leatherette, and vinyl along with high-quality ministry bags to hold your ministry supplies for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Our briefcases and meeting cases are designed for every age, from adult to toddler. Adults can choose from an assortment of black or brown all-purpose leather bags while the kids will love the adorable leatherette toddler’s briefcase in black or the lovely little girl’s leatherette briefcase in pink. Our leather meeting organizers are suitable for iPad, iPad Mini, Galaxy, and other tablets.

Ministry Ideaz carries a fine selection of software, music, publications, videos, and other supplies useful for Jehovah’s Witnesses in our ministry. Bookmarks, calendars, notebooks, and binders are just right for meetings, assemblies and conventions, and there are plenty of special items designed just for kids. We provide a number of service supplies for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Spanish and French as well!

Ministry Ideaz has just about everything you might need to fulfill your spiritual goals or helping a loved one do the same. These fine ministry supplies for Jehovah’s Witnesses also make great gifts for any age and any occasion.