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Jehovah's Witnesses Ministry Products on Sale

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2018 "My Meeting Treasures" Ministry Meeting Workbook Companion for KIDS (ages 3-10) Deluxe 2018 Theocratic Weekly Agenda + Diary for Jehovah's Witnesses 'Don't Give Up in Doing What Is Fine!' and 'Don't Give Up in Fulfilling the Law of Christ!' Circuit Assemblies of Jehovah's Witnesses
2018 "My Meeting Treasures" Ministry Meeting Workbook Companion for KIDS (ages 3-10)
Retail Price: US$5.99
Our Price: US$1.50
Savings: US$4.49
Deluxe 2018 Theocratic Weekly Agenda + Diary for Jehovah's Witnesses
Retail Price: US$11.99
Our Price: US$1.50
Savings: US$10.49
How are your children doing when it comes to "Digging for Spiritual Gems"? These kids' meeting notebooks entitled "My Meeting Treasures" are parent-designed and kid-approved for children between 3 and ten years old, with features that matter most and are appropriate for little ones. The durable, well-bound Theocratic Weekly Agenda includes 171 pages and  is the perfect solution for planning and tracking your service report, important dates and pioneer schedule for 2018. Featuring the 2018 yeartext: "Those hoping in Jehovah will regain power," the weekly planner has ample space for ministry records, calendar dates, service reports, goals, and more. A January-to-December calendar is provided to coincide with the Our Christian Life and Ministry - Meeting Workbook. This multi-function writing tool includes a pen, highlighter and stylus. An inexpensive, yet indispensable tool when you want to note down something interesting you learned at the assembly, this handy JW assembly pen combo makes a great gift too! Buy several for your friends and family and save money with your bulk order.
Jehovah's Witnesses Theocratic Digital Software Bundle Board games for Jehovah's Witnesses 16-Month JW Wall Calendar featuring Warwick Bethel (September 2017 - December 2018)
House2House Board Game for Jehovah's Witnesses
Retail Price: US$49.99
Sale Price: US$29.99
Savings: US$20.00
16-Month JW Wall Calendar featuring Warwick Bethel (September 2017 - December 2018)
Base Price: US$6.99
Updated Price: US$1.50
Savings: US$5.49
Get all five of our popular JW computer games and software for one low price!
  1. Accurate Knowledge Bible trivia game: Great for family worship evening! A challenging but fun Christian game to play on the computer with
  2. Bible Choozit Bible game: Learn the order of Bible events and more. Over 50 different "drag and drop" Bible puzzles.
  3. 6-in-1 Bible Puzzles: Helps you learn and remember more about the Bible, with an adjustable skill level, to make puzzles that are challenging to more experiences ones, and 'just right' for novices.
  4. Bible Flashcards: Memorize scriptures easily with this computer version of the scripture 'card deck'. Add scriptures that interest you, or practice with the over 450 included.
  5. Bible Numbers Converter: A handy tool to make your Bible research or reading more meaningful. Allows you to convert many of the measurements in Bible passages to modern units.

(All software delivered as digital download for WINDOWS ONLY)

Well-designed board games have been shown to be quite helpful in teaching, especially for kids, because the learning takes place as a side consequence of the actual playing, which is mainly for fun. This Jehovah's Witnesses board game, called the House to House Board Game, is fun, family oriented, and geared toward the interactive learning of Bible Scriptures. It encourages the family to join in an activity to promote bonding while helping them better understand God's Word. With the new Warwick Bethel, we thought it would be wonderful to make a full-color wall calendar featuring photos of Warwick Bethel. The is a special calendar and it has a special format: the calendar starts in September 2017 and therefore is a perfect fit for the service year! There are a total of 16 months, running from September 2017 to December 2017.
TagOn Crossword Bible board game for Jehovah's Witnesses for LARGE PRINT Bible (with ZIPPER): COVER for New World Translation - with FRONT POCKET (various colors/leather & vinyl)  *fits ENGLISH edition Boligrafo para Ninos con Texto del Ano 2018
Tag-On Bible Game - The World's Most Meaningful Crossword Board Game
Retail Price: US$53.99
Sale Price: US$39.99
Savings: US$14.00
Boligrafo para Ninos con Texto del Ano 2018
Retail Price: US$4.99
Our Price: US$4.99
(Also available on Amazon with free Prime shipping in English and French.) The TagOn crossword board game is a favorite for Family Worship
evening! The goal is to spell out important words that are found in the Bible. There are also special categories and, if a word should fall into one of them, extra points are earned. As the game moves forward, you will see that with every turn something new is learned about the Bible.
The all leather exterior ensures strong and sturdy care for your Bible, and the soft interior provides a cozy nest for the pages that fill it. With this combined effort of protection, we can ensure your Bible's absolute safety. For a Bible cover that creates a physical sanctuary for the word of God, our beautiful Cover for New World Translation (2013 Large Print Edition) is a wonderful option. Los novedosos disenos de esferos para ninos son una gran ayuda para mantener a los pequenos concentrados durante las reuniones y la adoracion en familia. Tambien pueden servir como un obsequio. Haz tu compra ahora para regalar en una fiesta infantil o para repartir entre los jovenes miembros de tu congregacion. Los chicos los recibiran encantados. Estos graciosos esferos con el texto del ano estan disponibles en Ingles y Espanol.
Songbook rebound with New World Translation NWT Bible Attractive Lady's Service Satchel | Shoulder Bag (Large Capacity) Zipper cover for What does the Bible Really Teach? In Brown Black and Gray
'Amy Classic' Lady's Service Satchel (Large Capacity)
Retail Price: US$67.99
Our Price: US$67.99
COVER for 'What does the Bible Really Teach?' with ZIPPER - 2014 edition (various colors/leather & vinyl)
Base Price for Leatherette: US$18.99
Updated Price: US$13.29
Savings: US$5.70
This "do-it-yourself" Bible + Reasoning Book combo has a beautiful wave design on front. You can combine your Bible and Reasoning Book together to save on the high prices of rebinding procedures. When out in service all day, wearing a thick winter coat there is no room for a purse and a briefcase, right? So you have to ask the people in the back seat to reach back into your purse and grab your wallet. Then you need your gum or chapstick. The folks in the back seat are starting to get annoyed! What you need is this large-capacity yet inexpensive shoulder bag that will serve you for both casual and formal use. Your car group will thank you. If you're like us, your "What Does the Bible Really Teach?" book can really go through the ringer! With all the use it gets with your various Bible students, probably you've had similar problems as we have: folded cover, soiled edges, pages stuck in with scotch tape. Are you saying: "Been there.... Done that"? Than look no further. Our protective zipper cover for the "Bible Teach" book is just for you!
Versatile Cover for larger Watchtower Publications Versatile cover for smaller Watchtower Publications
Versatile COVER for LARGER Watchtower Publications (2 styles)
Base Price for Leatherette without zipper: US$17.99
Updated Price: US$8.99
Savings: US$9.00
Designed to fit any of the larger Watchtower publications, such as: Jesus - The Way, the Truth, the Life, God's Kingdom Rules, Imitate their Faith, Sing to Jehovah (large editions), Bearing Thorough Witness about God's Kingdom, Learn from the Great Teacher, elders' book, pioneer school textbook, etc. Select the option for hard-cover or paperback publication, as the need may be. Designed to fit any of the smaller Watchtower publications, such as: Keep Yourselves in God's Love, Come Be My Follower, Live with Jehovah's Day in Mind, Examining the Scriptures Daily, What Does the Bible Really Teach?, small songbook and other similar-sized books. Choose from a variety of publication-specific sizes. Since there is no embossing, it's good for any language, and for any publication.

Jehovah's Witnesses Ministry Products on Sale

Here at Ministry Ideaz, we strive to bring you both quality and value. We feature this ongoing Jehovah's Witnesses products sale as an opportunity for you to enjoy extra savings on some of our most popular items. While the offerings change from time to time, we're always happy to make these discounts available as an expression of our appreciation for your business.

As you browse through our Jehovah's Witnesses ministry products on sale, you'll see many items from your favorite collections. Our soft leather book covers include songbook jackets as well as slip-on covers in a variety of sizes for different Watchtower publications. You'll also find embossed jackets, handy pocket planners and attractive leather covers for small and large digital tablets complete with pencils, pockets and meeting organizers.

Have fun shopping through our Jehovah's Witnesses product clearance shelves filled with entertaining selections for the children. From puzzle books and wall calendars to bookmarks and board games, you'll discover extra savings on all kinds of special clearance items. We offer extra discounts and free shipping with bulk orders, so take advantage of the sales on JW ministry products, and enjoy additional savings!