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2024 Fun Meeting and Family Worship Workbooks/Activity books for JW KIDS (ages 3-12)
kids meeting notebooks
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Jehovah's Witnesses Writing Notebook for Kids

These fun meeting notebooks are parent-designed and kid-approved! How are your children doing with regards to "Digging for Spiritual Gems" at the weekly "Treasures from God's Word" meeting? Children learn best when they are engaged, immersed, involved, inspired, motivated, excited! We've created two meeting workbooks, (midweek meeting, weekend meeting) as well as a Family Worship workbook. Each workbook is specially bound to be extra durable for use at the meetings. Don't forget to check out our bulk pricing if you're buying gifts for the youngsters in your congregation.

Find larger areas for preparing comments. Both the Sunday and the midweek workbooks have a "scriptures" section. Meeting workbooks have extra removable pages for drawing - perfect for putting on the fridge! The "Listening Game" now has a blank space for parents to add a word. Bonus: each workbook now comes with 60+ unique stickers!

midweek workbook

1. 'My Midweek Workbook' for the Christian Life and Ministry meeting

This full-color workbook for the Christian Life and Ministry meeting has activities for each meeting:

  1. What songs did you sing?
  2. How many times did you put up your hand?
  3. Scriptures from meeting
  4. My spiritual gems
  5. THE LISTENING GAME: Draw a line each time you hear certain words
  6. My Comments
  7. What I learned that I'm going to work on...
  8. Which of your FRIENDS gave an answer?
  9. Draw your comment, something you saw in a video, or a picture from the study book

These prompts will help your children to think about what they are learning and encourage participation. With 76 pages total, there is enough for 25 midweek meetings. Fun and colorful illustrations will keep your child engaged for the entire meeting.

Bonus: Includes 30+ unique stickers and 8 special removable drawing pages.

drawing pages in Midweek workbook

2. 'My Weekend Workbook' for the Public Talk and Watchtower Study

Also with nine engaging activities, this newly designed workbook is designed specifically for the public talk and Watchtower study. We've heard your feedback from other kid's workbooks and have incorporated the favorite features. The new full-colored notebook will sure to be a hit.

sunday workbookThis colorful workbook weekend meeting has activities to complete both before and during the meeting.

  1. What songs did you sing?
  2. How many times did you put up your hand?
  3. Draw a picture of the brother giving the talk
  4. TALK Scriptures
  5. THE LISTENING GAME: Draw a line each time you hear these words:
  6. My Watchtower comments: (tip: use this PRIOR to the meeting in preparing their comment)
  7. What I learned that I'm going to work on:
  8. Which of your FRIENDS gave an answer?
  9. Draw your comment or copy a picture from the Watchtower

Encourage your youngster to participate in the meeting with a special spot to write out their comment! Help them ponder the main points with a space to copy a picture from the Watchtower, or draw a picture of the speaker. Help them pay attention to the public talk with the included "Listening Game". Each week the listening game changes, so your child will have a variety of words to listen for. ("Sunday" may be in the name, but if your meeting is on Saturday this is the notebook for you too!)

Like the midweek workbook, this notebook has 76 pages with different activities on each page spread. You will have plenty of space for 25 different meetings.

Bonus: Includes 30+ unique stickers and 8 special removable drawing pages.

Family Worship Workbook

3. 'My Family Worship Workbook'

The Family Worship Workbook is a full-color staple-bound workbook. It will help your child keep track of what they learn each week. Each weekly page features:

  • Draw something you saw in a video
  • My service presentation for the week
  • The scriptures we read together
  • My assignment for next week
  • TIP: Have their 'My Sunday Workbook' and 'My Midweek Workbook' handy during family worship for them to write their comments in the respective boxes.
  • "Becoming Jehovah's Friend." This key section features 2 important questions:
    • What I learned
    • What I have to work on

Bonus: Includes 30+ unique stickers and a Bible character "memory" game (pictured below).

memory game example

Memory Game

Bible Memory game available exclusively in the "My Family Worship Workbook"! Cut out the cards, mix them up, and take turns trying to find two of a kind.

Cute Meeting Notebooks designed with children of Jehovah's Witnesses in mind!

As any parent will tell you, helping youngsters pay attention and stay focused at the meetings takes more than just "sit still and be quiet." Help your children get the most out of the meetings with notebooks made especially for them! They'll be encouraged both to prepare at home for the "Our Christian Life and Ministry" meeting as well as to take notes during the Sunday public talk. Special sections help them meditate on what they learn and see how they can apply it. What better way to equip them than with a kid's meeting notebook made specifically for the youth that makes up your congregation!

Our children's meeting notebooks (which are designed by JW parents) feature the 2024 year text: "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." - Psalm 56:3. Make sure to get a fun kid's year text pen to accompany it!

Read what others have said about our JW notebook for kids in the reviews at the bottom of the page. Here is a sampling:

Sizzilin' Sunflower says:
I love all the products we have ordered. These new notebooks for meetings will help my children study for and pay attention at meetings.

  • Beautiful full-color notebooks
  • 3 separate workbooks: My Sunday Workbook, My Midweek Workbook, and My Family Worship Workbook
  • The 2024 yeartext is printed on the back cover: "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." - Psalm 56:3 Letter-sized 8.5" x 11" (21.6 cm x 27.9 cm)
  • Each workbook includes 30+ stickers
  • Includes 8 extra drawing sheets
  • Each meeting workbook has enough pages for about 25 weeks