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'My Bible Story Puzzle Book' Bible Activities for Kids
Bible Activity & Crossword Puzzle Book- Jehovah's Witness Games
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Fun Bible-based Word Puzzles and Activities for Kids

Take your child on an amazing journey from creation to the account of Dinah with 'My Bible Story Puzzle Book' Bible Activities for Kids! Packed with 40 pages of puzzles, word scrambles, and crosswords, this fun-filled activity book puts fun and excitement into reading Bible stories from the Hebrew Scriptures. Bible word puzzles are a fun way to become familiar with important words and passages from the Bible. Use these special Bible-based activities in your family worship evening or just for fun. Always a hit with the kids!

Word searches are great puzzles for all ages. Have this little booklet of puzzles available for whenever you have a gathering or party. You'll may be surprised to discover that fun Bible activities make good ice breakers between the kids and grandparents. This little book of fun Bible puzzles for kids covers Bible history from the creation account to the incident with Dinah. There are a total of 20 different word search and crossword puzzles as shown in the list below.

Ages 5 and up.

'My Bible Story Puzzle Book' Bible Activities for Kids contents:

  • Bible Puzzle 1: God Begins to Make Things
  • Bible Puzzle 2: A Beautiful Garden
  • Bible Puzzle 3: The First Man and Woman
  • Bible Puzzle 4: Why They Lost Their Home
  • Bible Puzzle 5: A Hard Life Begins
  • Bible Puzzle 6: A Good Son, and a Bad One
  • Bible Puzzle 7: A Brave Man
  • Bible Puzzle 8: Giants in the Earth
  • Bible Puzzle 9: Noah Builds an Ark
  • Bible Puzzle 10: The Great Flood
  • Bible Puzzle 11: The First Rainbow
  • Bible Puzzle 12: Men Build a Big Tower
  • Bible Puzzle 13: Abraham - A Friend of God
  • Bible Puzzle 14: God Tests Abraham’s Faith
  • Bible Puzzle 15: Lot’s Wife Looked Back
  • Bible Puzzle 16: Isaac Gets a Good Wife
  • Bible Puzzle 17: Twins Who Were Different
  • Bible Puzzle 18: Jacob Goes to Haran
  • Bible Puzzle 19: Jacob Has a Big Family
  • Bible Puzzle 20: Dinah Gets into Trouble
Read what others have said about our Bible activities for Kids and Bible-based word puzzles in the reviews at the bottom of the page. Here is a sampling:

Zaneta B. says:
My Bible Story Puzzle Book: I purchased the book for my autistic son who is 10. He loves the puzzle book, plus it teaches him about the Bible and Jehovah. He has mastered word search. The crossword puzzles are new to him but keep him thinking. I would definitely purchase more books. I (we) am so grateful to have it!!! It is amazing and a great purchase. Thank you so much!

Pearlena C. says:
This book was used to help some elderly ones keep their wonderful minds alert. It has helped those who are ill who needed to stay connected with their personal study and to share some of the information with their visitors. You can take some of the questions in the book to ask at gatherings which young ones love to look up in their bible to find the answer. This book is exceptional. We just need more copies. We Thank Jehovah God for you printing this book for us.

Carmen K. says:
Joyful Entertainment That Educates
I love my Bible puzzle book! The word searches are easy and they helped me relax tremendously on many occasions. The crossword puzzles are a bit more challenging because I had to look up a lot of scriptures; I had been inactive for a long time and so had forgotten many scriptures and the crosswords have really helped me re-learn them and retain them! I think this little book is a blessing! I just wish you had more! I'm ready for another one please?!
  • Cover made with 300g high quality card stock with special plastic coating for increased durability
  • Pages are 90g high quality paper
  • Total 40 pages, two-color printing on the inside; full-color printing on the outside.