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"Open Your Hearts Wide" Bible Game for Zoom [Digital Download - WINDOWS Computers ONLY]
'Open Your Hearts Wide' Bible game for Jehovah's Witnesses
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Digital Download for WINDOWS Only

Retail Price: US$12.99
Our Price: US$12.99

Availability: Available for download now
Product Code: COPEN


*NOTE: Host needs to have a WINDOWS computer with Zoom installed; all the other players just need to have Zoom installed, which works on Android, iPad, iPhone, etc. This is a digital download only. Only the host needs to purchase a license for the game

"Open Your Hearts Wide" - The Bible Game for Jehovah's Witnesses

Second Corinthians 6:13 exhorts: "Open your hearts Wide" (or for those more familiar with the previous wording "Widen out." Our newest computer Bible game "Open your hearts Wide" helps us to do just that! It is an enjoyable game of skill, Bible knowledge, and surprises for four to sixteen players. It’s ideal to ‘break the ice’ at group events or to play with families.

Players move around the board using the digital “dice” and answer questions based on the square they land on. They may answer a question about themselves, move extra squares, or work as a team to answer Bible-based questions. The first player to go around the board and land back on his or her home square is the winner.

“Open Your Hearts Wide” also provides a unique gameplay feature not found in other Christian games. At the start of the game, each player is assigned a color and animal (ie. blue camel, or green lion). So, each player is a part of two different teams (called Color Teams and Animal Teams), with different members on each. In this way, players mix with many more players when answering questions, and competitiveness is kept to a minimum. (After all, so many of the players are on one or the other of your teams!) It also makes it fun for all ages, as there’s usually someone on one of your teams to help with an answer!

Surprising, at times challenging, and always entertaining, you’ll love the game “Open Your Hearts Wide”!

Perfect for your next virtual party!

Playing over Zoom: As the "game master" so to speak, run "Open Your Hearts Wide" on your computer and share your screen on Zoom. Then everyone can share in the fun! (Note: Your friends don't need to have the game installed. They will simply view it on your screen.) Be sure to let us know how it went - leave a comment on our blog post (click here).

Get to know your brothers and sisters! In addition to Biblical questions, personal insight questions help break the ice and encourage sharing. Some examples include:

  • "Name a Bible character from the Christian Greek Scriptures that stands out to you - and why."
  • "Name a country you'd like to live in and why"
  • and many more. (But we will let you discover them in-game.)

Useful items to have on hand: research tools (to check your answers), pen, paper, and perhaps some tasty snacks.

Find more fun ideas for having fun in this time of physical distancing on our blog!

Tips for hosting a 'Zoom' Online Game Night

You need to host a Zoom meeting, then use the "share screen" feature. Find more information on Zoom's support page:
How to host a meeting
How to share screen

  • 4-16 players
  • Unique team system
  • Supports: Windows XP and higher