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Pioneering - The Card Game for Jehovah's Witnesses
Pioneering card game for Jehovah's witnesses

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A Fun Card Game for Jehovah's Witnesses

Do you miss getting out in the door-to-door ministry? This entertaining and educational card game will help keep things fresh in mind. It's a great option for snow days or 'shelter in place' orders. Check out the following video for a brief look at how it plays out:

As you play (i.e. "preach"), you'll get calls, and then do return visits to help them to progress towards becoming Bible studies, and eventually baptism. Each return visit deals with a particular scripture that you'll read to them. During gameplay, you're encouraged to memorize these scriptures. (There are over 65 unique return visit scripture cards to memorize.)

Some cards you'll get will refer to trials you face in a real territory (like a "bad neighbor" or "lost interest") and you may find it a challenge to get your student to progress. But not to worry; you also have "Angelic Intervention" and "Holy Spirit" cards that can help! Other cards remind you that you're not alone when you're working as a pioneer or a publisher, as you are able to invite another player to be your 'service partner' and help you work your territory.

You may choose between three versions, depending on your time and goals:

  • Original: if you help the most "studies" to get baptized before the third "Assembly Day" card appears you win!
  • Collaborative: work as a team to help more "studies" progress to baptism
  • Flashcards: a great way to memorize scriptures and have fun learning

AGE: Ages 6 and up can play this card game

Well-designed board games have been shown to be quite helpful in teaching, especially for young ones and teenagers, because the learning takes place as a side consequence of the actual playing, which is mainly for fun. This Jehovah's Witnesses card game is fun, family-oriented, and geared toward the interactive learning of Bible Scriptures. It encourages the family to join in an activity to promote bonding while helping them better understand God's Word. The game includes two sets of cards:

1. House to House cards for "Territory mode"
2. Action cards for "Return visits mode"

This card game for Jehovah's Witnesses encourages family bonding and is meaningful purposeful fun.

Click here to download the game rules in .pdf format to get a deeper understanding of how it works.

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  • A deck of 108 action cards (including 67 return visit cards which can be used as flashcards)
  • A deck of 108 house-to-house cards
  • Game instructions in full-color printing