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(Ages 8-15) Convention Workbook for 2024 Convention "Declare the Good News"- Youth/Teens Workbook with stickers
Convention Activity Book for JW Children
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JW Regional Convention Activity Books (ages 8 to 15)

( Click here for workbooks for little kids) We are excited about this year's convention workbook for kids and teens This is a comprehensive, fun, yet educational workbook that will appeal to many age groups, but especially kids and teenagers from ages 8-15, set out in a fun "comic book" format.

Each talk has a good portion dedicated to note-taking, scripture-copying and a brief activity in line with the talk's theme. The feature of this more advanced children's notebook is on note taking and applying the lessons learned. Take a look at the video to get a preview of these features.

Important: This is the hard copy version! We will mail it to you.
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Let's Put It to Practice

All throughout the design process, our focus has been: "What are the kids and teens going to get out of the program?"

Log for noting scriptures in the convention workbook

Scripture Log

Every single talk has this place to keep track of the scriptures read. (Longer talks have more space.)

workbook with special note box for things to apply from the 2024 convention

Things That I Would Like to Apply

The entire focus of the workbook is the child's spirituality and how she is applying what she's learning. To that end, every talk has a large box for your boy or girl to note down key take-aways.

section in the kids workbook to explain your beliefs

Explain Your Beliefs

At appropriate times throughout the workbook, sections are included to help the young ones think about how to explain their beliefs regarding the particular theme at hand.

plan ahead section

Plan Ahead

Viewpoint questions are scattered throughout - helping your son or daughter to think about how she or he would put into practice the given counsel in specific real-life examples.

reflective question

For Personal Reflection

Throughout the workbook find sections marked "for personal reflection." These sections include thought-provoking questions that encourage young ones to reflect on what they learn.

JW kids workbook with a special section for spiritual goals from the convention

Spiritual Goals

Where appropriate, specific sections prompt the young one to set a goal. At the end of the workbook, special cards are provided for setting goals. Young ones are encouraged to choose a spiritual goal and work toward it.

Sticker Emojis for kids and teens in the wokbook

Sticker Emojis!

Who doesn't like stickers, right!? A whole page of sticker emojis are provided to emphasize something that stood out, or even if something was humorous or otherwise outstanding.

crossword puzzle for longer convention talk


Extra activities are scattered throughout the workbook for longer talks. Each one is related to the theme of the talk. These include crosswords, letter jumbles, break the code puzzles, and more word puzzles.

bible quiz for kids related to the convention talk

Bible Quiz

Throughout the activity book, there are Bible quizzes related to the talk.


  • "Review Question" at the end of each talk
  • "Screen-free" activities for lunch breaks
  • Page for collecting autographs and musings of their friends
  • "Congratulations" page for reflection at the end of the program
  • Report Card
  • Cutout Diploma
  • Special page for Family Worship review

Designed for paying attention

We've designed this to be, not a distraction, but a help for paying attention. As you parents all know, getting the kids to sit still for hours on end is a huge challenge. Kudos to you moms and dads that are helping your kids pay attention and stay focused. Three days is a looooong time to sit still! Our convention notebooks are especially for children and teenagers between 8 and 15 years old, although many adults have said they enjoy them too!

Measuring 8.5" x 11" (21.3cm x 28cm) each notebook is made especially for the 2024 "Declare the Good News" Regional Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses and has the theme for the convention pre-printed on the front. Fun emoji stickers can be placed throughout with messages like "Love This!" "Super!" "Star" "Superb!" "LOL" "Amazing!" among others.

What makes our children's convention activity books so special?

Over 700 hours of brainstorming, research, planning, artwork and graphics design were done using tools that included the Insight books and JW Library app. The final product is the result of 9 helpers from 3 continents to come up with scripturally accurate activities that are in line with each talk being given. The final product has over 80 pages.

You can't get Bible activity books at the book store. They will invariably have unscriptural details. By contrast, the 2024 "Declare the Good News" activity workbooks by Ministry Ideaz were designed from the ground up. Check out this video blog of the making of a previous year's kids workbooks.

What others have said:

Read what others have said about our Children's Convention Notebooks (both past and present) at the bottom of the page. Here is a sampling:

Renee says:
The convention books for children are great! Better than I imagined. I got these for my grandchildren so they could have an easier time following along. And because their attention naturally strays at least it can continue to be occupied by spiritual things. SO adorable! Oh how I wish these things were available when I was little!

Marlo S. says:
Absolutely love the variety of activities. We can use this for weeks beyond the Convention for review and Family Worship activities.

Christine S. says:
I purchased these for my grandchildren but found even my grown children enjoy working the puzzles and quizzes. They absolutely love them. Well illustrated. Nice even for adults! Lots of fun things to do! Quality appearance. Will buy, again! Thank you!

  • Made for ages 8 to 15 years old
  • Activities and note-taking for each talk - appropriate for youths
  • Designed to be a helpful aid at paying attention and NOT a distraction
  • Glue-bound on the side
  • Includes the talk themes pre-printed
  • Includes fun emoji stickers to emphasize things the child really liked
  • Beautiful full-color cover with the text: "Declare the Good News"
  • Classy UV glossy finish

My Bible Character Stickers - 8 sheets (over 130 stickers) (Ages 3-9) Kids' Convention Activity book for 2024 Convention "Declare the Good News" - WITH STICKERS
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