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'Do-It-Yourself' Bible + Songbook COMBO for REGULAR SIZE Bible/Songbook - WAVE DESIGN (various colors/leather & vinyl)
Songbook rebound with New World Translation NWT Bible
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The Economical Solution to bind your Bible with your songbook!

DO IT YOURSELF! No need to send the books. Ministry Ideaz has designed an efficient and economical solution for us Jehovah's Witnesses to carry our New World Translation (NWT) Bible and a songbook as one unit. The "Do-It-Yourself" NWT Bible and Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah Combo is made to secure the books together with a low-cost clear vinyl sleeve and then insert them into a wonderful leather or leatherette zip binder. By combining the Bible and songbook into one neat package, it becomes easy to transport and keep from daily wear and tear. This Bible and songbook combo is offered in two materials. The leatherette material is ideal, but for a reasonable increase, full-time ministers can carry beautiful, lasting leather in a variety of subtle colors to match the Ministry Ideaz briefcases, bags, and totes. The NWT and songbook combo includes durable ribbon page markers and a made-to-last zipper with a tab for quick and easy binder closing and opening.

Combine your Bible and songbook together and save on costly rebinding procedures and postage. We send you a ready-made cover, and the instructions to "do-it-yourself." Features a stylish wave design on the front. Fits the English songbook and Bible, as well as other similar-sized editions.
Download instructions for the New World Translation combined with songbook

The total dimensions for the Bible and songbook binder are only 5.5 (14cm) inches across by 7.1 inches (18.5cm) high. The "Do-It-Yourself" New World Translation (2013) and songbook Combo set makes a perfect gift for our milestones as Jehovah's Witnesses. Please check out the following great video on the process for successfully joining your sacred books together. For best results, a hair dryer can be used to soften the vinyl sleeve in order to easily connect the books. Then, they slip into the leather or leatherette binder, with a zip close for added protection.


Below are show instructions to install it with the Reasoning from the Scriptures book. Follow the same instructions for installing the Sing out Joyfully to Jehovah book.

Start with your own books. There is no need to mail us anything. You can use new books or your old books with your notes. We include a plastic sleeve which you need to bind the Bible and book together. DO NOT DISCARD THE VINYL SLEEVE.
Gently slide the vinyl sleeve over the front cover of the Sing out Joyfully to Jehovah book.
Now slide the back cover of your Bible into the same sleeve. If you have a hard time, you can warm up the vinyl sleeve with a hair blow-dryer to make it more pliable.
Here we see both the Bible and Reasoning book joined together. (Works the same with Sing out Joyfully to Jehovah)
Now we install the leather or leatherette cover.
The front cover of the Bible slips nice and snugly into the front of the leather cover.
The back cover of the Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah book slips nice and snugly into the back of the leather cover.
Both books are now firmly bound together. They can be taken apart and used separately anytime you like. Your original books, instead of being destroyed, are now protected in a high-quality cover. Finally, pull down the ribbon page-markers.
Zip it shut.

More tips if you have trouble getting the Bible + songbook to fit into the leather cover

Read what others have said about our songbook rebound with Bible in the reviews at the bottom of the page. Here is a sampling:

Brian says:
This is a great cover! I have always wanted to have the songbook together with my Bible so that I could have it handy when needed. I bought the dark brown leather cover. It looks great, is sturdy and the leather quality is excellent and buttery soft. It even smells great! This is my first cover ordered and I love the brown leather cover. The shipping was quick, I received the cover in two weeks after ordering, which was nice! The brown leather cover is perfect! I would more than likely order it again! I will order another one, probably without the songbook combo for my meeting deluxe Bible only!! Great product. Beautiful soft brown leather!!!

Janie says:
At first I wasn't sure if I'd received the right thing. Somehow the cover didn't seem big enough.
However after looking at the pictures on the website and sitting down with a cool head, I managed to do it and it wasn't difficult at all.
I am thouroughly pleased and the cover in tan leather looks so smart,is easy to use and leather is lovely and soft. It will last a lifetime. I'm all set for studies now with this ace combo. Thank you. x

Juliana R. says:
I had seen others' Bible and songbook combinations, but the cost of rebinding really put me off. This DIY method is inexpensive, easy to do, and produces the same convenient 'product' as rebinding. Thanks, Ministry Ideaz.
  • No need to send the books. Combine your Bible and Reasoning Book together and save on costly rebinding procedures and postage. We send you a ready-made cover, and the instructions to "do-it-yourself."
  • A great idea to combine your Bible and Reasoning from the Scriptures book without the costly process of rebinding. Use new books, or your own personal Bible with your notes and marks. (Note: Works fine with either the leather-bound New World Translation or with the hard-cover version. NOT RECOMMENDED TO BE USED WITH THE PAPER-BACK EDITION OF THE NEW WORLD TRANSLATION.)
  • Front features a handsome "wave" decoration. Also includes 2 extra strings for page markers. With the Bible in place, you have a handy pocket on the front-inside and back-inside to keep small papers and slips. Please click on the illustration at the top to view more details.
  • OTHER USES: This cover also fits over most Bible-Reasoning book combos where the two books have been taken apart and rebound. Also fits the thicker versions of the New World Translation, such as the Japanese and Chinese editions.