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*LAST YEARS' ASSEMBLY* - 2021/2022 Children's fun ACTIVITY BOOK for the "Strengthen Your Faith!" Assembly
*LAST YEARS' ASSEMBLY* - 2021/2022 Children's fun ACTIVITY BOOK for the "Strengthen Your Faith!" Assembly
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For the "Strengthen Your Faith!" assembly

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Children's Activity Book - "Strengthen Your Faith!" JW Assembly

Full-color and full of activities, this comprehensive activity book is filled with engaging activities to fit each talk. This letter-sized (8.5" x 11") notebook has 2-pages per talk, and plenty for all ages. This is a great companion for the "Strength Your Faith!" Assembly. (Not the assembly you were looking for? Click here to see the "Exercise Faith!" Activity Book.)

  • More challenging activities for preteens.
  • Simpler activities for pre-schoolers.
  • Cryptograms, crosswords and other word games.

Don't forget the young children! Every talk features the "Listening Game" which even a 3-year old can do. And we've including all sorts of coloring, dot-to-dot and word trace activities which preschoolers will enjoy too. The JW Assembly Activity Book gets them to think about the personal application. For example, many pages feature reflection questions.

For children and youths, select this cute activity book for the circuit assembly. Youth is an excellent time in children's lives when taking notes at the assembly makes quite an impression. Kids and "tweens" will love the colors. Our circuit assembly journals are especially for children between 3 and 13 years old.

Helpful, Not Distracting

The variety of activities is specifically designed to be a helpful aid at paying attention, and NOT distracting. Each talk has activities that coincide with the theme. Useful features are included to encourage the child to listen attentively, including special “Time to Apply” sections. These encourage kids to reflect on how he or she can apply the information personally.

New Features

This year we are adding new features that we are sure that parents and children will love! Besides activities for all the talks, there are now 5 new sections:

  1. Activities to do during the musical prelude.
  2. Activities to do during lunch and the afternoon musical interlude.
  3. Family Worship Session - based on the questions from the printed program, and meant to do at home as a family.
  4. Achievements and Grading:
    achievment examples Achievements are activities that are accomplished throughout the day, similar to games that have special "achievements". These achievements include things like: "Iron Lungs: Sing all the kingdom songs at the top of your lungs" or "Clean Example: Keep your spot clean all the time until the end of the session."
    Grading is a special page at the back so the child can get feedback from the parents! Use this to encourage your child and show them how much they accomplished.
  5. Screen-Free Fun:
    In contrast to the single-player activities through the activity book, these activities are 2-player. Use these activities for the car ride home, in-between sessions, or (if you're watching the assembly at home) while getting the program set up to stream. Perhaps the kids can find a friend at lunch break to complete these with.

Printable activity book: Don't want to wait for a shipment to arrive? With the printable version download it right away and print at home. Better yet, get a combo with a paper copy shipped to your home and a printable copy to download now. Although you'll probably prefer to print these for your children, you have the option to load them to your favorite PDF reader such as GoodReader or PDF Expert.

Cute JW Assembly Activity Books designed with children of Jehovah's Witnesses in mind!

These special children's activity books were designed by JW parents and for JW parents. Help your children pay attention and be confident that they are getting the most out of the "Strengthen Your Faith!" JW assembly with this cute staple-bound activity book made especially for them! Quality paper make this durable and organized children's activity notebook the perfect resource for your son or daughter to take notes on what they've learned.

  • Talk themes each printed on a separate page
  • Staple-binding
  • 32 full-color pages
  • For the Strengthen Your Faith! assembly
  • Letter-size (8.5" x 11")