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Bible Songs for SHARING [Digital Download ONLY]
Download Bible Songs For Sharing | Jehovah's Witness Songs
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*NOTE: for Digital Download ONLY

Fun Bible-based songs to teach Bible lessons to the kids!

When it comes to worshiping with your family, you want to find a fun way to get them involved while still reaching their little hearts with the Truth. These scripturally-accurate songs are great for family worship night and road trips too! Kids love singing, so what better way to teach and have fun at the same time than with sing-along Bible songs! The Bible-themed music will also keep children entertained and singing thunderously on while traveling in the car.

Have Fun Singing While Teaching Important Bible Lessons

Bible Songs for Sharing has ten upbeat tracks that encourage children to appreciate the importance of having a relationship with Jehovah. The worship songs focus on friendship, sharing, giving, and singing aloud for all to hear. This downloadable album of MP3s is based on the Bible as wholesome entertainment for children and adults alike. These were written and produced by Brendan Vincent Owens, a longtime witness of Jehovah. As well as being enjoyable to listen to, the general spirit of this album is one that encourages appreciation for our Creator, His creation, and a good relationship with Him. This album is dedicated to all those who appreciate the Giver of all good gifts.

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After the widely distributed album "Bible Songs" became well known, it wasn't long before there was demand for a follow-up album and specifically with more songs for older children to be included - thus "Songs For Sharing" was written and produced to satisfy this need. From feedback, the most appreciated songs on this album are the lullaby "Close Your Eyes" as well as "Sharing and Giving" and "A Way To Stay Alive"

Available for immediate download in Digital Copy

All of the music on this album is digital and available immediately after purchase as a digital download. Easily upload the music onto you or your children’s mobile music playing devices. Play these songs on the go for a quick and easy way to entertain your children. Digital copies are great for putting on devices to play on road trips or on the go.

"Jehovah God graciously gave mankind the gift of music. This was a unique expression of his undeserved kindness, for although music is not needed to sustain life, it enables humans to express emotions - their sorrows, their joys. (Genesis 4:21) It can bring comfort when there is sadness or greater happiness in times of joy. There is a wide variety of Scripturally acceptable and upbuilding music, including delightful Kingdom songs enjoyed by Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide."
from "Beware of Music That Debases!" w83 10/15 p. 10, 15

Show your kids that worship can be fun with this entertaining album of fun Bible Songs for Sharing. Both you and your children will enjoy this wonderful music. Order from Ministry Ideaz today to give your children hours of fun musical entertainment!

Read what others have said about our Songs for Family Worship in the reviews at the bottom of the page. Here is a sampling:

An anonymous reviewer says:
These songs are wonderful. my 3- and 8-yearolds are singing the books of the Bible. I get so tired of trying to find anything decent in the world of music worth letting my children listen to, and this is great :) the quality is even good enough for me to enjoy listening to :-)

Saundra R. says:

Fun Children's Bible Songs! I enjoyed getting these as my grandchildren listened to them years ago and learned the books of the Bible and the apostles names. I've passed it on now to others children.

Doree says:
Children's Bible songs: I am so pleased to find this album again. When our kids were small we all learned the Bible books in order and the names of the Apostles with two of these songs.
  • 1 A Special Friendship
  • 2 That's All There Is To Life
  • 3 Sharing And Giving
  • 4 When The Paradise Comes
  • 5 Close Your Eyes (Lullaby)
  • 6 Forever Calls Your Name
  • 7 A Time To Choose
  • 8 Pay Day
  • 9 Sing Louder
  • 10 A Way To Stay Alive