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Bible Numbers Converter for *Windows [Digital Download - WINDOWS Computers ONLY]
Bible Numbers Converter for Windows
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Digital Download for WINDOWS Only
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*NOTE: For WINDOWS Computers ONLY (digital download only)

Enhance Your Understanding of Bible Passages!

This handy tool is so simple, yet it is indispensable to make your Bible research or reading more meaningful. The enhanced Bible Numbers software for WINDOWS allows you to convert practically any and all numerical measurements in Bible passages to modern units. Convert Bible currencies, time, lengths, weights and volumes to any modern monetary unit, or to metric or imperial units.

For instance, we might read at Ruth 2:17 that she gleaned an ephah measure in a day. Well, what does that mean? Using our Bible Numbers Converter, we can find out that this represents about 22 liters, 20 dry quarts, or just over one-half of a bushel - all of which makes the passage more understandable.

Convert Bible Measurements to Modern Units

The computer software includes Bible numbers conversions for length, time, weights, and volumes. Not only that, it converts ancient money values, allowing you to get a better understanding of ancient money's 'buying power'. The Bible numbers converter contains comprehensive information about each of the measurements in the software program, and what they mean to us today. Money values can be adjusted with current gold and silver prices to make values more accurate, and you can also display results in your preferred currency, dollars, sterling, euros, yen, you name it!

All software delivered as digital download ONLY. The source material for all our Bible-based programs is the Bible (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, 2013 revision), as well as other publications produced by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, such as the Insight on the Scriptures reference volumes, as well as the Watchtower and Awake! magazines. Every effort is made to keep all information up to date with the latest relevant information, as provided by the branch.

Supports: Windows XP and higher (Windows RT 8.1 NOT supported)