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Clear vinyl SLIP-ON Covers for Watchtower Publications (various sizes)
Clear Vinyl Book Covers for Watchtower Publications
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A: Teach, Examining, etc. [Add US$1.00]
B: Draw Close to Jehovah, Yearbook, etc.
HB: NWT (2013 pocket edition) [Add US$1.00]
CB: NWT (1984 or 2013 revision) [Add US$1.00]
QB: NWT (Large Print), Insight, Proclaimers [Add US$3.00]
E: Reasoning, etc.
F: Rebound NWT-Reasoning combo
G: Organized to Do Jehovah's Will
SB-MED: Sing Out Joyfully (regular)
SB-LAR: Sing Out Joyfully (large with musical score) [Add US$1.00]
SB-LP: Sing Out Joyfully (large print lyrics only) [Add US$1.00]
K: Good news for all Nations,
L: Bible Stories, Creation book (small)
M: Benefit, Illuminators, etc. [Add US$1.00]
N: Love People-Make Disciples, Watchtower, Enjoy Life Forever! brochures [Add US$3.00]
R: Pure Worship, large print books [Add US$3.00]
W: Watchtower bound volume (paperback) [Add US$1.00]

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Clear Vinyl Book Covers for Watchtower Publications

For your often-used study books and other Watchtower publications. These transparent covers provide excellent protection and durability. Our vinyl products don't disintegrate after a few months. We use only the finest quality materials obtainable. During the handcrafting of this product, our artisans took special care to preserve and enhance the elegance of its high quality vinyl. Their pride is reflected in a cover designed to provide beauty and endure for years to come.

These transparent covers provide excellent protection and durability. Metal corners (on the front only) give them a very classy look. With the book/magazine in place, you have an inside pocket in the front and back covers to keep slips or other documents such as the your Our Christian Life and Ministry - Meeting Workbook or other documents.

Watchtower Publications Book Covers that are GUARANTEED TO LAST!

Our Watchtower Publications Book Covers just last. We guarantee it! But don't take our word for it. Just read some of the more than one thousand five-star reviews at the bottom of the page. You may find WT publications book covers at other stores for much cheaper. Why are ours so much more? Remember: These are not mass-produced with machines. We individually handcraft each item with top-quality thread and vinyl which are designed to last. Our vinyl book covers don't disintegrate after a few months of use, guaranteed.

Size Chart
Size A


  • God's word for us through Jeremiah
  • Come Be My Follower
  • Examining the Scriptures Daily
  • What Does the Bible Really Teach?
  • The Secret of Family Happiness
  • Keep Yourselves in God's Love
  • Worship the Only True God
  • Is There a Creator Who Cares About You?
  • The Bible God's Word or Man's?
  • Live With Jehovah's Day in Mind
  • Teach us to walk in your way
Size B


  • Questions Young People Ask - Answers that Work Vol I and II (paper back)
  • Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses (paper back)
  • Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy
  • Draw Close to Jehovah
Size CB


  • New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (1984 version or 2013 revision, regular/medium size)
  • La Biblia - Traducción del Nuevo Mundo (2019 revision, regular/medium size)
  • La Bible - Traduction du monde nouveau (2018 revision, regular/medium size)
  • Tradução do Novo Mundo da Bíblia Sagrada (2016 revision, regular/medium size)
  • Other Bible translations that are the same size as the 2013 English revision
Size HB


  • New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (2013 revision, pocket size)
Size E


  • Reasoning from the Scriptures (hardcover)
  • Sing Praises to Jehovah (hardcover)
  • Questions Young People Ask - Answers that Work (hardcover)
Size F


  • Ready rebound New World Translation plus Reasoning from the Scriptures combos

IMPORTANT: Not all rebound combos are made exactly the same and we cannot guarantee an exact fit. We have made ours slightly on the "larger" side, since being a bit too big is better than being a bit too small.

Measurements with the cover open: 18.5cm high x 29.1cm wide (7.3"high x 11.5" wide)

Size G


  • Organized to Do Jehovah's Will
Size Med


  • Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah (regular edition)
Size LAR


  • Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah (large with musical score)
Size LP


  • Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah (large print lyrics only)
Size I


  • The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived (paperback)
  • Mankind's Search for God (paperback)
  • Isaiah's Prophecy - Light for All Mankind
Size K


  • Good news for People of All Nations
  • Working Together Safely
  • Reasoning from the Scriptures (paperback)
Size M


  • Benefit from Theocratic Ministry School Education (hardcover)
  • Older hard-cover pioneer textbook
  • My Book of Bible Stories (large hardcover)
Size N


  • Love People - Make Disciples
  • Watchtower magazine
  • Christian Life and Ministry Meeting workbook
  • Apply Yourself to Reading and Teaching
  • Brochures such as Good News From God! and Who Are Doing Jehovah's Will Today?
  • See the Good Land
  • Enjoy Life Forever! brochure
Size QB


  • New World Translation (Reference Edition)
  • New World Translation (Large Print)
  • Insight on the Scriptures
  • Jehovah's Witnesses - Proclaimers of God's Kingdom
Size R


  • Jesus - The Way, the Truth, the Life
  • Pure Worship of Jehovah - Restored at Last!
  • God's Kingdom Rules!
  • Pioneer School Textbook "Fully Accomplish Your Ministry" (newest edition)
  • Sing to Jehovah (older, large editions, including lyrics only version)
  • Bearing Thorough Witness About God's Kingdom
  • Learn from the Great Teacher (newest, paperback edition)
  • large print books, paperback: (Bible Teach, Be My Follower, God's Love)
  • Benefit from Theocratic Ministry School Education (paperback)
  • Revelation Its Grand Climax at Hand! (paperback)
Size W


  • Watchtower bound volume (paperback)

Read what others have said about our Clear Vinyl Book Covers for Watchtower Publications in the reviews at the bottom of the page. Here is a sampling:

Allison W. says:
I ordered clear covers from another company and they have now cracked in certain areas. Your covers are much softer and do not crack. I will be ordering more from you. Keep up the excellent work!

Dianne T. says:
We have been using your clear vinyl book covers on soft cover and hard cover books and brochures for several years. The quality is excellent and they last forever :-) . The only time we have replaced the book covers is when we have 'upgraded' our Bibles to your leather or leatherette book covers. Thank you for continuing to offer fine products at reasonable prices

Helen Evans says:
These WT book covers are fantastic, they do not split as others do. I particularly like the metal edges. They are long lasting and keep the books looking good especially when used in the ministry.
Thank you. Agape!

Agnes Isaac says:
Everyone that I have shown them to has remarked on the quality of the vinyl and the way that it is made. We deal with a lot of other companies and yours are the best. Strong and durable.

Nami Riodino says:
A must have! I use it for my brochures and I love it. Other companies have similar product but it does not have the golden edges. The material is soft but durable, it doesn't get white over time, it stays in a good condition for a long time.

Rachel S. says:
I had not wanted to use my new songbook, for fear it would look worn very quickly. But now that I have the vinyl cover on my songbook, I love to use it! The cover provides great protection, is easy to keep clean, and looks nice.