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Hands Free Watchtower Magazine Tote 'Messenger Style' Bag
Hands Free Watchtower Magazine Tote
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Keep your hands free with the 'Hands-free Watchtower Magazine Tote'

For the busy Kingdom publisher or regular pioneer, a quality genuine leather briefcase is a must for all your ministry supplies. However, sometimes leather handbags and tote bags can be cumbersome when you've got a lot to do in the ministry: reviewing house-to-house records, recording return visits, flipping through your Bible or tablet to find scriptures or videos. Wouldn't it be nice to have a hands-free briefcase that leaves you with your two hands free to do those other essentials while engaging in the ministry door-to-door?

We here at Ministry Ideaz know what it's like. That's why we've designed this special JW hands-free ministry pouch.

With so many kinds of briefcases, messenger bags and totes on the market, choosing the best one for your ministry can be daunting. So make sure that you find the suitable one in order to make you feel confident.

The perfect tote for preaching in Sign Language!

Nearly half a million Americans use sign language, making it the fourth most-used language in the United States according to Gallaudet University. Imagine the reward of presenting your message to the deaf population in the language they prefer. Our pouch lets you preach from your heart and speak with both of your hands. You have an instant bond that enhances your words. The Hands Free Watchtower Magazine Tote is the perfect thing for carrying a smaller iPad or tablet in the ministry. If you're in a Sign Language congregation, the Hands-free Watchtower Tote will be just right for you!

Advantages of the Hands-free Magazine Tote

1. Ergonomic Advantage

The Hands Free Watchtower Magazine Tote has a convenient distribution of weight. It's unique adjustable shoulder strap is endowed with an interesting load carrying system. The strap makes sure it does not interfere with the user's natural posture, balance and body movement. Therefore it is ergonomically excellent for your back, shoulders, and arms (as compared to traditional briefcases held with one hand).

2. Accommodative layout

This 'Messenger Style' Magazine Tote helps carry multiple items and is way more accommodative than the regular handbags, satchels, briefcases, etc.

3. Hands free advantage

The 'Messenger Style' Watchtower Tote give us the 'hands free advantage,' that is, it keeps the hands devoid of clutter and assist in holding multiple items while engaged in the ministry. It also paves the way for safer and smoother journeys! You won't need to sit your bag down or sling it around behind you when you grab your coffee, open a door, flip to a scripture in your Bible or show the latest Watchtower and Awake! magazines to the householder.

Carrying the right kind of bag on a regular basis in your ministry is, what many of us would unanimously agree, a very essential thing. It has to take into account a number of things and complement our carrying style, the type of territory we preach and the weather we'll be preaching in. In this regard, hands-free 'messenger-style' service totes are becoming some of the most versatile options available. They are chosen by brothers and sisters from many different countries and praised for their usefulness by one and all. Besides, they look trendy and are high on style. Just check out the many amazing 5-star reviews at the bottom of the page!

Here are a few examples of what the friends are saying about the Hands Free Watchtower Magazine Tote 'Messenger Style' Bag:

Pete says:
The Best Service Bag! A thoughtful design, well executed. After 25 years I have finally found a service bag that meets all of my needs. The Bible compartment is large enough to include the Reasoning book, and I can slip my full-sized tablet in the pocket on the back of the case. There is even room for a small hand sanitizer in the middle compartment along with the Bible Teach book. The shoulder strap is quite comfortable. No more numb hands from gripping a stack of publications! I love it!

Dominic D. says:
I'm very good, very happy!!!!! Wow! thank you very much! I know its a bit expensive for a service bag but we will love it! The quality is so good! And every pocket just the right size! Light, useful... almost perfect!!!! I'm very happy with this purchase.

Gwen Lucken says:
I love this very stylish service bag. It slips over my opposite shoulder for easy carrying. I have back problems and this solves that issue, it also allows my hands to be free to get and use the magazines and the bible and to record my notes for each door. It is beautiful high quality leather and believe me, I am a very picky customer! I has space for everything I need, tracts etc. I love it and you will too!

Dana says:
Especially in the campaign work... it is wonderful. I am having a wonderful time using this satchel in the campaign work. I can carry my electronic tablet to show a video and my invitations, paper, pen... etc. And not have achy arms or back. Thank you, it is perfect.

  • Fits either the 1984 or 2013 New World Translation

    Underneath the flap you have:
    • a pocket to hold a medium Bible
    • larger pocket to hold up to 30 magazines (or put less magazines and use the space for other publications)
    • smaller slot for magazines or tracts
    • pen holders
    • zipper pocket for donations
    Attached to the strap are a zipper pocket and pen holders

    Designed to fit over your right shoulder and resting against your left hip so you can keep your hands free.
    As with most of our leather products, the outside is very subtly decorated with the Hebrew Tetragrammaton in one corner (size 3cm x 1.4cm or 5/8" x 1 1/4").