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Jehovah's Witness Notebook 2020 for Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Deluxe metal ballpoint pen features the 2020 year text of Jehovah's Witnesses Kids Year Text Pen
*NEW!* 2020 - "My Spiritual Gems" - Meeting Workbook Companion with YEAR TEXT
Retail Price: US$4.99
Sale Price: US$2.50
Savings: US$2.49
*NEW!* 2020 - *3-in-1* 'No Bleed' Highlighter/ Stylus/ Pen with YEAR TEXT
Retail Price: US$4.99
Sale Price: US$2.50
Savings: US$2.49
*NEW!* 2020 - Pioneer Patrick: *3-in-1* Stylus/ Pen/ Duster with YEAR TEXT
Retail Price: US$5.99
Sale Price: US$2.50
Savings: US$3.49
With this notebook for the "Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting,"  and Sunday meeting, you have a handy spot to jot down all the notes and "spiritual gems" that you're going to dig for each week. It will feature the 2020 year text. This handy little ballpoint pen will serve you well as you take meeting notes, all the while reminding you of the important year text: "Go, therefore, and make disciples ... , baptizing them" - Matthew 28:19. It's an inexpensive, yet indispensable tool when you want to note down a return visit or something interesting you learned at the meeting. These novelty pens for kids are great to help your children keep focused on the meetings and family worship. They make a greats gift too! Stock up now for special kids party gifts, or for the young brothers and sisters in your congregation! The children will smile with glee when receiving these fun year text pens. Available in English and Spanish.
Clear 'Pure Worship of Jehovah​ - Restored at Last!' Book Cover Pure Worship of Jehovah​ - Restored at Last!, the Life Clear Book Cover Jehovahs Witness Kids Supplies - Meeting Bundle 4 in 1 Pack
2020 KID'S Meeting BUNDLE
Retail Price: US$15.95
Sale Price: US$6.50
Savings: US$9.45
Keep in mind that the book 'Pure Worship of Jehovah - Restored at Last!' is a paperback publication and therefore all the more vital to be kept safe. Our vinyl covers are designed with longevity in mind. We guarantee it! The tight, sewn edges of our vinyl covers prevent them from snagging onto clothing. Our users love our 'Pure Worship of Jehovah - Restored at Last!' vinyl book covers, and we believe that you will too! This beautiful and colorful plastic book cover features durable reinforced stitching with a decorative fabric around the edges to increase its longevity. Furthermore, the protective vinyl is easy to wipe down and keep clean. Keep in mind that it is a paperback publication and therefore all the more vital to be kept safe. If you're using the Ministry Ideaz vinyl book cover, we guarantee that your publication for the congregation Bible study will enjoy a good, long service life. Save when buying a matching set of 2020 meeting products. This bundle includes one 2020 Ministry Scheduler, one "My Meeting Treasures" 2020 Meeting Workbook Companion, one 2020 yeartext pen (randomly chosen) and one set of four "Cute Creations" bookmarks. Bonus: 2020 Pocket Planner included also!
Universal Tablet + Watchtower folio accessory Compact Tract &  Magazine Service Folio Sing Out Joyfully Clear Book Cover
Universal Tablet + Watchtower folio (accessory for certain service folios)
Base Price for Leatherette: US$26.99
Updated Price: US$24.99
Savings: US$2.00
'The Basics' Service Folio (shown with universal tablet holder, sold separately)
Base Price for Leatherette: US$43.99
Updated Price: US$39.99
Savings: US$4.00
Protect your Apple, Android, Kindle or Windows tablet from scratches and bumps while out in service with the Ministry Ideaz Universal Folio. The unique elastic corner grips accommodate a wide range of tablets from Nexus, Samsung and Dell, to Kindle anda iPad. The folio folds inside-out into a horizontal stand to view videos from JW.org, whether on a table or on your lap. All ports and buttons on the sides of your device will be accessible (however, there is no hole for the rear camera). A compact service folio is the perfect everyday binder for effectively storing ministry supplies for pioneers and publishers alike. Never again will you fumble around looking for where you put that tract or brochure. Everything is at your fingertips! (Carry your Bible separately.) This beautifully bound leather service folio is sized at 8.7" by 11" and can completely replace your briefcase or service bag. With the optional tablet accessory (sold separately) the ministry folder can securely transport almost any tablet
(Click here for the universal tablet folio, sold separately.)
Your new song book will be your second most used book at the meeting, and you want to make sure to keep it clean and neat as we go to and from the meetings. If you're using the Ministry Ideaz vinyl song book cover, we guarantee that your publication will enjoy a good, long service life.
Storage Binder for Watchtower, Awake!, Our Christian Life and Ministry Boys & Kids Service Tote Bag- Functional Briefcase For Children Adorable leatherette briefcase designed just for girls. These ministry bags for girls has plenty of room for preaching necessities.
The "Caleb Case" Charming Leatherette Child's Briefcase
Retail Price: US$69.99
Sale Price: US$69.99
The 'Sophia Bag' Preaching Tote for Girls (and Moms too!)
Retail Price: US$61.99
Our Price: US$61.99
Easily access multiple issues of Watchtower and Awake! Magazine, as well as the Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook. Since the branch has encouraged us to use the printed publications less and less, why not keep your loose copies in this handy binder instead of ordering Watchtower bound volumes? Punchless system keeps your publications looking new!
If you are looking for a boy's service bag that that you can count on to last, this is the briefcase for you. Son, grandsons, nephews and cousins all deserve a little boy's leatherette service case to help them begin their ministry at an early age. Children feel special carrying them while walking alongside their parents in the ministry. Just check out our amazing five-star reviews. The main compartment of the girl's preaching case holds a notebook, Watchtower and Awake! magazines, Bible and tablet and also features an interior zipper pocket for contributions. She has plenty of room for preaching necessities.
Clear Vinyl zipper Cover/Protector For Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah Compact Tract & Magazine Service Briefcase Folio for Public Witnessing Embossed cover for Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah
The 'Ready Set Go' Folio for Public Witnessing (shown with universal tablet holder, sold separately)
Base Price for Leatherette: US$49.99
Updated Price: US$44.99
Savings: US$5.00
Like us, you love your publications. If you want to protect it and showcase the original cover, this is the cover for you! Our transparent covers provide excellent protection and durability. They don't disintegrate after a few months. We guarantee it. Whether you're doing public cart witnessing, metropolitan witnessing, or just out and about in the ministry, wouldn't it be great to have a folio to hold everything you need in a small yet professional-looking folio? You'll find you job is much easier when everything is readily at hand, and you'll always be presentable while out in service. The 'Ready Set Go' folio, along with the optional Universal Tablet + Watchtower Folio, is the tool to help you do just that. This stunning embossed song book cover is available in twenty different colors. A great gift for any occasion, this beautiful cover includes two velvet page marker ribbons as well as a handy pocket on the front inside and back inside to keep small papers or notes.
Your little one will want to bring her adorable little field service tote in field service, to the meetings, on car trips and even to the store as a purse. Briefcases for our pioneers-in-training. Our children's cases are sturdy-built for the kids that use them. Multi-Purpose Meeting/Service Bag - Leather
Little Girl's Ministry Tote Bag
Retail Price: US$37.49
Our Price: US$32.99
Savings: US$4.50
Adorable Leatherette Toddler's Briefcase
Retail Price: US$61.99
Sale Price: US$53.99
Savings: US$8.00
Multi-Purpose Meeting/Service Bag - Leather
Retail Price: US$153.99
Our Price: US$112.99
Savings: US$41.00
Your little girl will happily sling her new preaching tote right over her shoulder and excitedly tell you everything she is going to put inside for the ministry. You'll be glad your daughter has a place for her Bible, books, pencil, and magazines! And, yay!... it's just her size! Little girls feel special carrying them while walking alongside their parents in the ministry. When children start to feel a little more grown up – like their parents – they become inspired and engaged. Our children will be delighted with the adorable black toddler briefcase. It is a unique gift that is designed to hold books, Bibles, and special collectibles that kids love to keep and carry. A child's briefcase is a great place to start for our little pioneers in training. Each kids’ briefcase features beautiful stitching, quality construction, extra pockets, easy-grip handles, and a superior nylon zipper to secure their belongings. This leather multi-purpose meeting/service bag has the professional look and all the compartments needed to effectively minister to those in your territory. The quality leather used to make this bag is not only beautiful to look at, it is also soft and, perhaps most importantly, water resistant; no need to worry about the elements damaging it or its contents while you are out and about.
Embossed cover for Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah girls meeting bag Boys' Briefcase & Professional Tote Bag For Boys- JW Supplies
Lil' Anna's Meeting Purse for girls
Retail Price: US$43.99
Our Price: US$34.99
Savings: US$9.00
'Charlie Taze' Child's Service Bag
Retail Price: US$42.99
Our Price: US$37.99
Savings: US$5.00
This stunning embossed song book cover is available in twenty different colors. A great gift for any occasion, this beautiful cover includes two velvet page marker ribbons as well as a handy pocket on the front inside and back inside to keep small papers or notes.
Just like Anna, the prophetess of old, may your daughter 'never be missing from the Kingdom Hall'! Your little one will have a place for her Bible, books, pencil, and Watchtower magazine! And it's miniature size is just for her! We guarantee your little girl will love her new meeting bag. Made of quality materials and featuring several compartments to help a young man learn about being organized, this boys' briefcase is the perfect item to kick start a life of service to Jehovah. Choose from a black, chocolate or blue.
The Contemporary Econo-Tote (leatherette) Handmade Italian Leather Carryall Satchel Attractive Lady's Service Satchel | Shoulder Bag (Large Capacity)
The Contemporary Econo-Tote (leatherette)
Retail Price: US$50.99
Our Price: US$40.99
Savings: US$10.00
The 'Tuscany Tote' Italian Leather Carryall Satchel for Ladies
Retail Price: US$229.99
Our Price: US$137.99
Savings: US$92.00
'Amy Classic' Lady's Service Satchel (Large Capacity)
Retail Price: US$67.99
Our Price: US$53.99
Savings: US$14.00
This contemporary leatherette econo-tote is fashionable and made of a durable water resistant fabric that is made to survive any conditions that you are willing to brave in your efforts to serve Jehovah. Use it for the meetings or field service. These handcrafted Italian leather handbags feature a wide base so that it will easily keep an upright position. You can set it down secure that it will not topple over. It includes a sturdy zipper pouch and two extra pockets in the interior of the bag. You can keep your wallet, keys, glasses and make up in this little bag at all times. It serves to keep things organized, easy to find and facilitate moving from one handbag to the another without all the hassle of sorting through the entire bag to find your necessities! When out in service all day, wearing a thick winter coat there is no room for a purse and a briefcase, right? So you have to ask the people in the back seat to reach back into your purse and grab your wallet. Then you need your gum or chapstick. The folks in the back seat are starting to get annoyed! What you need is this large-capacity yet inexpensive shoulder bag that will serve you for both casual and formal use. Your car group will thank you.
Ladies' All-purpose Briefcase Jehovah's Witnesses Leather Lady's Meeting Bag for Jehovah's Witnesses Ruled paper for our tablet holders, or a variety of uses.
Leather Ladies' All-purpose Briefcase
Retail Price: US$154.99
Our Price: US$115.99
Savings: US$39.00
Leather Lady's Meeting Bag
Retail Price: US$154.99
Our Price: US$115.99
Savings: US$39.00
4.7" x 7.5" lined notepads - Narrow ruled, white bond paper
Our Price: US$2.99
Sale Price: US$0.50
Savings: US$2.49
With the huge variety of leather briefcases out there, choosing the right one can be intimidating. The all-purpose briefcase is not only stylish, but functional and durable too. It features extra-long carrying straps, so you can carry it, either with your hands, or over your forearm. This facilitates holding the bag open with your left forearm, while your right hand is free to look for your Bible or publication. Especially for the sisters. Large enough to snuggly fit the reference Bible and other books if necessary. These steno-style notebooks measure 4.7" x 7.5" and have 50 sheets. The narrow-ruled paper is durable and perfect for tablet holders and a variety of other uses. Great for organization and jotting down notes!
Large Animal Print Genuine Leather Purse & JW Book Bag
'Le Sak' Premium Italian Leather Tote with faux fur
Retail Price: US$299.99
Our Price: US$137.99
Savings: US$162.00
Add a touch of style to your ministry with this large shoulder bag for women. Perfect for those who prefer the feel of an Italian genuine leather handbag or simply enjoy animal-print handbags. Whether you plan to purchase one of these exciting new bags as a gift or you are looking to add to your own collection, there is a bag available for every occasion and every taste.

Jehovah's Witnesses Meeting Note Takers and Supplies

Looking for high quality meeting supplies for Jehovah's Witnesses? Ministry Ideaz has everything you need for transporting books and materials, taking notes, and staying organized. There are leather or cloth briefcases, bags, and totes available in every size for every member of the family. The custom spiral notebooks for Jehovah's Witnesses are easy to open, lay flat for meetings and assemblies, and come in various styles. Meeting notetakers for Jehovah's Witnesses come in very handy as well, helping you preserve lessons that aid in your spiritual growth.

Children can have their very own miniature briefcases with zipper closures and plenty of pockets. For adults, choose a meeting organizer just for an iPad, iPad Mini, Galaxy Tab, or other tablets. Many of these all-purpose bags and briefcases are carefully crafted from fine soft leather, made to resist water, and equipped with spacious compartments and zipper slots to hold all of your personal and business belongings. Some of these bags have adjustable shoulder straps and various types of closures based upon your needs.

Our Ministry Ideaz' spiral bound meeting notebooks for Jehovah's Witnesses are the perfect accessory for every meeting participant. These custom spiral notebooks for Jehovah's Witnesses make excellent conference and seminar gifts too!