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Unbroken Will: The Extraordinary Courage of an Ordinary Man [EPUB DOWNLOAD ONLY]
Leopold Engleitner Book- 'Unbroken Will'- JW Books

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Unbroken Will: The Extraordinary Courage of an Ordinary Man - The Story of Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor Leopold Engleitner, born 1905

The story of Leopold Engleitner
Born: July 23, 1905
Died: April 21, 2013 (aged 107)

This faithful Austrian brother's 'life and death' experiences and escape from the Nazis make an amazing story.

In his own words: "I have always done my best to apply just principles and to respect the rights of others. That is why no one was ever able to force me to raise a weapon against my fellowman. I have no reason to feel bitter. When I decided to follow this path in 1932, I was well aware that it would mean a hard struggle."

When Leopold Engleitner was nine years, an event of historical significance for the whole world and that led to the First World War took place in his hometown. Moreover, although Leopold Engleitner and his contemporary Adolf Hitler, who was sixteen years his senior, grew up in the same province (Upper Austria) and shared the same cultural background and educational system, the convictions and attitudes they developed were diametrically opposed. Whereas Adolf Hitler caused untold suffering to millions as a merciless mass murderer, Leopold Engleitner devoted his life to peace, refusing to buckle even in the face of death.

The ordinary farmhand found the extraordinary courage to follow his conscience. He refused to serve in Hitler's army and did not even use the Nazi greeting "Heil Hitler!" Suffering unspeakable cruelty in three concentration camps he grew so thin that he weighed less than sixty-two pounds. Yet nothing and no one could break his will. Astoundingly, he could easily have had his freedom: all he had to do was sign a paper renouncing his religious convictions as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, but he steadfastly refused. And he never lost his optimism. In the concentration camp, he even bought a suitcase for the journey home it seemed impossible he would ever make.

His unshakable faith in God helped Engleitner to lead a full and happy life despite constant rejection, and he never lost his zest for life as he became the oldest and one of the best known male concentration camp survivors in the world. His unexpected rehabilitation was achieved thanks to an extraordinary friendship. Though already far advanced in years, he travelled more than ninety-five thousand miles across Europe and the USA, between 1999 and 2012, testifying as a witness of history to ensure the past is not forgotten; as such, he became a model of tolerance and peace.

Letters written by Engleitner during his internment and believed lost for nearly sixty years were discovered; and their combination with original minutes of police and court proceedings, reports from the concentration camps, and personal accounts of traumatic childhood incidents from one hundred years ago constitutes an impressive firsthand history.

What noted statesmen have said:

"This book is a milestone in recording the horrors of National Socialism. It is essential reading."
Heinz Fischer, President of the Republic of Austria

"This book is not only an enthralling read; every detail in it has also been thoroughly researched. From a scientific point of view, it is one of the most reliable biographies of a victim of National Socialism."
Professor Walter Manoschek, Film maker and Political Scientist, University of Vienna

"You have given current and future generations a priceless gift by recording Mr. Engleitners life story. His experiences remind us of the strength of the human will to overcome even the most horrible and challenging circumstances."
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California

Furthermore, over than 2,000 newspapers in 120 countries all over the world related about Leopold Engleitner’s 107 years of faith and principle.

About the author:

For nearly two decades, Bernhard Rammerstorfer, has conducted intensive research that has enabled him to produce a historically accurate record of Engleitner's life that has appeared in a number of publications and films in various languages and countries. Rammerstorfer has given talks with Engleitner at schools, universities, and memorial sites in Europe and the USA, including Columbia, Harvard, and Stanford Universities.

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Steven Carbone says:
A must read! Wonderful story about a strong brother in a weak body. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses we well know what our brothers experienced in Nazi Germany. This shows how our faith keeps us strong.

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