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New!  NOTE TAKER: "Powerful by Faith" Convention Notebook (Downloadable coming soon)
Regional Convention Notebook/Note Taker- JW Supplies

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Take Notes in Our Beautiful Jehovah’s Witnesses NOTEBOOKS

Para espanol, haz clic aqui. This makes a wonderful convention keepsake. With the talk titles and theme scriptures pre-printed on the inside pages, all you have to do is add your notes! The Jehovah’s Witnesses' "Powerful by Faith"! convention NOTEBOOK features beautiful birds and foliage on the cover. This JW convention notebook has 82 pages, packed full of all the talk themes and space for taking notes.

We're really excited about the notebooks this year! With significantly more writing space, there is even more room to take notes. For short talks you will have one page for notes. For 20 minute talks you will have two pages. For 30 minute talks you will have a whole three pages for notes! (That's roughly 1 page for every 10 minutes of a talk.) Complete with a professional touch, heavy cover, spiral binding and heavy bond 90 gram paper - this notebook is just right for taking notes at your 'at home' virtual regional convention.

Be sure to take a look inside with the various alternative views in the photos above! Perhaps this will make the perfect gift for a loved one. Choose between two different styles!

Introducing the Beautiful New Interactive or Printable Note Takers

Our talented graphics designer has been working tirelessly to reformat our beautiful notebooks for these new formats.

Interactive Digital Version: The interactive notebook is specifically formatted to work with your favorite reader app. This PDF comes with text fields so that you can type your notes directly into the digital file. Just load it onto your tablet with your favorite PDF reader such as GoodReader or PDF Expert. Includes all the same features you have come to love with the paper copy.

Printable Version: Print your own notebook! With the printable version, you can use your own printer to print out your notebook. This version has lined pages complete with talk titles, just like our regular paper notebooks.

Both the digital and printable versions come with a single license to use/print a copy. For multiple people, please purchase multiple licenses. (See FAQ tab above for more info.)

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Read what others have said about our regional convention NOTEBOOKS:

Valerie S. says:
I would definitely recommend Ministry Ideaz. Notebooks for meetings and conventions help my son and I stay organized and focused. Checking the schedule and writing the title of the talk used to cause me to miss the introduction and sometimes the first scripture. Getting to preview talk titles and unwrap the notebooks builds our suspense and helps motivate us to take notes. It also helps us easily find info to remember the main points and improve our comments on review parts after the Convention. It's a way for us to celebrate the upcoming spiritual nourishment and give ourselves a gift to help us get more out of our note-taking.

Cathy says:
I had previously checked, but the 2021 convention notebooks that the friends and I love to use were not yet available. But this morning I was thrilled to find an email notification they were now ready for orders! So I swiftly placed my order for 8.... and I can't wait! These are gorgeous full-color spiral notebooks, lined, with everything one could ask for already printed on the pages - often with beautiful designs in addition. They make perfect gifts. I consider it a blessing from Jehovah to be able to use these every year at our summer Convention!! May our Grand Creator pour out His Spirit on all those whose efforts have made these possible!

Elizabeth says:
I really like the note books for our assemblies and conventions. They have done some of the work for us, writing out the themes, titles, theme scriptures, and providing a place to put the speaker's name, attendance, and other details. It saves me time and that helps me to concentrate better on what is being said and my notes are better as a result. I love being able to underline key words in the scriptures already written out. It makes a nice and inexpensive gift for others also.

Emily says:
Extremely handy. It was so nice to have the brothers talk titles on each page in the right order. It would have been nice to have more room for writing (an extra page), but I’m so glad we ordered these in advance. They're in or literature shelves to use a reference. Well made... they'll last a long time :)

Lucia De Santis says:
I already put April 30 in my calendar to remind me to order the note taker books. My son and I LOVE them. As much as the printable version on JW.org is nice, to print out four sets would cost me a lot in ink. I prefer to order mine from you guys like I have for the last four years!!

Janice T. says:
I bought some notebooks for the regional convention and we all loved the size and the format!! It was my first time ordering from you and now I'm getting ready to place my order for the assemblies. Thank you so much for supplying us with these very helpful tools.

Amber R. says:
I wanted to thank you all for the hard work you put in these notebooks. When I received the notebook, I was so excited to use it. Thank you for putting the outlines for the talks and the other things included in the convention. I didn't think I could write notes for the dramatic bible reading, but I did. I also loved the illustrations you put in the book about the different animals that represent the qualities we need to imitate. I wrote lots of notes. Thank you so much for this wonderful notebook. May Jehovah continue to bless all of your efforts in serving him. I know in paradise we can meet face to face and I can thank you in person as well.

Candace D. says:
I wanted. At first, I wasn't sure there would be enough pages for the notes but I found that with less pages I took better notes as I listened for main points instead of trying to write everything. So for me, it was awesome.

  • Spiral binding lies flat and turns easily
  • Talk themes each printed on a separate page
  • Roughly 1 page for every 10 minutes of a talk. For example: 30-minute talks have 3 pages, 10-minute talks have 1 page.
  • Beautiful full-color cover with the text: '"Powerful by Faith" Regional Convention 2021'
  • About the same dimension as a Watchtower magazine
  • Ring-binding makes it easier to fold the notebook back, and keep it open
  • We recommend the fun "Kids' Version" too, if you're a Mom or Dad
  • Classy UV glossy finish; 82 pages, narrow ruled, on bond 90 gram quality paper