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Assembly BUNDLE for 2023-2024 'Enter Into God's Rest!' and 'Eagerly Wait For Jehovah!' Circuit Assemblies
Big Bundle for 2024 JW Circuit Assemblies
Regular Price: US$405.44
Bundle Price: US$299.99
Savings: US$105.45

Product Code: 24AS-PACK-EN

The following items are included in the bundle:


BIG BUNDLE of 2024 CIRCUIT Assembly products for Jehovah's Witnesses

SAVE when you get pens and notebooks for the whole family! Or keep some for yourself and give the others as gifts. When you order the 2023/2024 Circuit Assembly Bundle, you'll get:

This bundle deal of circuit assembly supplies for Jehovah's Witnesses is a handsome bunch of notebooks and pens for both adults and children. With these 72 items, you and your friends and family are all set for both the 'Eagerly Wait For Jehovah!' and 'Enter Into God's Rest!' Circuit Assemblies. The total cost to buy each item separately would be $405.44.

Buy this Big Bundle of 2024 assembly notebooks and pens for Jehovah's Witnesses today and have them on hand for the whole family, or for friends in the congregation!

  • Spiral binding lies flat and turns easily
  • Talk themes each printed on a separate page
  • Each kids' workbook features a variety of fun activities
  • Beautiful full-color
  • Ring-binding makes it easier to fold the notebook back and keep it open
  • Twist-action pens with the assembly themes inscribed
  • Pencil crayons for kids