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Adorable leatherette briefcase designed just for girls. These ministry bags for girls has plenty of room for preaching necessities.
The "Sophia Bag" Preaching Tote for Girls
Our Price: US$44.99
Sale Price: US$44.99


Little ones aspire to look just like Mom. Now she can! Your daughter,
granddaughter or niece can keep all her ministry gear in one place when
you're out in service with this adorable leatherette briefcase designed
just for girls. She can carry her Bible, notebook, magazines and pen!
There is even room for a tablet of any size. The "Sophia Bag" features a
padded strap and one exterior pocket to hold her small accessories. The
main compartment of the girl's preaching case holds a notebook,
Watchtower and Awake! magazines, Bible and tablet and also features an
interior zipper pocket for contributions. She has plenty of room for
preaching necessities. An adjustable leatherette shoulder strap is also
included. Designed to accommodate all your little one's preaching
supplies, this modern briefcase is available in a number of vibrant
pastel colors. With a clever, modern style this girl's tote bag
showcases both a professional and fashionable look.
Magazine and Tract Tote for Jehovah's Witnesses
Magazine and Tract Tote
Base Price US$68.99
Updated Price US$68.99


For sisters actively engaged in field service activity, the Jehovah’s Witness Service Tote you see offered here is a wonderful accessory.
This is a multifunctional leather document folder, leather magazine tote and leather folder organizer all in one. It does away with the need for a briefcase and is organized so that everything is right there where you need it. Outside pockets allow for your regular or pocket New World Translation Bible and one other book. Inside vinyl pockets and pages will display 10 separate Watchtower or Awake! magazines (or brochures) along with extra copies. You can easily flip through these in sequence. You'll also find separate pages for older magazines and for the newer, taller tracts.
The Contemporary Econo-Tote (leatherette)
The Contemporary Econo-Tote (leatherette)
Our Price: US$35.99
Sale Price: US$35.99


This is the quintessential tote for every season because it has everything you want: wonderful colors, fashionable and durable waterproof PVC material, and just the right amount of interior organization. Use it for the meetings or field service.
Briefcases for our pioneers-in-training. Our children's cases are sturdy-built for the kids that use them.
Adorable Leatherette Toddler's Briefcase
Our Price: US$49.99
Sale Price: US$34.99
Savings: US$15.00


When children start to feel a little more grown up – like their parents – they become inspired and engaged. Our children will be delighted with the adorable black toddler briefcase. It is a unique gift that is designed to hold books, Bibles, and special collectibles that kids love to keep and carry. A child's briefcase is a great place to start for our little pioneers in training. Each kids’ briefcase features beautiful stitching, quality construction, extra pockets, easy-grip handles, and a superior nylon zipper to secure their belongings.
Traveling Service Bag for Jehovah's Witnesses
Traveling Service Bag
Our Price: US$155.99
Sale Price: US$155.99


Quality Traveling Service Bags for Jehovah’s Witnesses are a great organizational tool for those actively involved in field service activity, with a dedicated space inside for everything you need to have on hand. The leather Jehovah’s Witnesses' service bags offered here are available in black, brown or tan and are made tough and durable from genuine leather. They feature exterior pockets made to hold books, cell phones, a water bottle and more.
Multi-Purpose Meeting/Service Bag - Leather
Multi-Purpose Meeting/Service Bag - Leather
Our Price: US$129.99
Sale Price: US$129.99


Spacious inner compartments for your meeting books or ministry supplies
Special zipper-slot to keep magazines separate and neat
Beautiful, water resistant, soft, leather
Your little one will want to bring her adorable little field service tote in field service, to the meetings, on car trips and even to the store as a purse.
Little Girl's Ministry Tote Bag
Our Price: US$43.49
Sale Price: US$43.49


With a slim, fashionable design, and vibrant pastel color options, this girls' preaching tote is truly a great value. Your little girl will happily sling her new preaching tote right over her shoulder and excitedly tell you everything she is going to put inside for the ministry. Our well made, small-sized girls' ministry totes say it all! "Adorable, ladylike, miniature pioneer." Your little one will want to bring her adorable little briefcase in field service, to the meetings, on car trips and even to the store as a purse.

You'll be glad your daughter has a place for her Bible, books, pencil, and magazines! And, yay!... it’s just her size! Ministry Ideaz offers these wonderful girls' ministry bags at a great price, and the kids feel special carrying them while walking alongside their parents in the ministry. It is a great start to a rewarding career as a minister of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

For our pioneers-in-training. Our children's cases are "built to last," with every bit of care as the regular-sized cases for adults we make.
The "Caleb Case" Charming Leatherette Child's Briefcase
Our Price: US$59.99
Sale Price: US$44.99
Savings: US$15.00


Little ones aspire to look just like Mom and Dad (or like Caleb from the cartoon). Now they can! For our little pioneers-in-training, this is a strong "built to last" child's service bag. You pay for what you get. So, if you are looking for a boy's service bag that that you can count on to last, this is the briefcase for you. Son, grandsons, nephews and cousins all deserve a little boy's leatherette service case to help them begin their ministry at an early age. Children feel special carrying them while walking alongside their parents in the ministry. Just check out our amazing five-star reviews.

Don't sacrifice quality for price. Of course, you don't want to overspend, but keep in mind that beauty and quality do add value. Pay a little extra, and "you get what you pay for" - a long-lasting service case that your child will enjoy for years to come.

Soft Leather 'Slim Case'
Soft Leather 'Slim Case'
Our Price: US$137.99
Sale Price: US$137.99


A streamlined bag, but packed with services and features. Even though the 'Slim Case' has a trimmer profile it has all the space you need for your Bible, iPad (or tablet) and other service supplies. Use it for the meetings too! With a double zip main compartment, it comes with pockets on either side for magazines, cell phones, house-to-house records, pens and highlighters. Finally, it has a comfortable adjustable crossbody strap for hands-free convenience.

The Leather Pioneer Portfolio - with strap/handles
The Leather Pioneer Portfolio - with strap/handles
Our Price: US$157.49
Sale Price: US$157.49


In your ministry as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, you will want to own a perfectly sized, multi purpose service bag in order to carry your prized Bible, books, brochures, and magazines. Enter: "The Pioneer Portfolio"! Designed by the pioneers, for the pioneers. Works great for non-pioneers too! No more fumbling around looking for where you put that tract or brochure. Everything is at your fingertips!

The design is identical to the "Pioneer Attache" with the exception that it is 2" (5cm) smaller (length and width). Rather than just having a zipper opening at the top, it comes with a "zip-around" zipper. Think of it as a "briefcase that folds inside-out"

Beautiful, water resistant, soft, leather

Multi Purpose Service Bag

In your ministry as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, you will want to own perfectly sized, multi purpose service bags in order to carry your prized Bibles, books, brochures, and magazines. Ministry Ideaz offers an assortment of quality service bags to fit your style, and that of every member of the household. The magazine and tract tote along with the contemporary econo-tote are perfect for sisters, and are available in a variety of colors and materials. For the men, we offer durable leather ministry tote bags in a number of shapes and sizes to suit your ministry needs.

Our traveling service bag is great for those on the go. Our multi-purpose meeting and service bag is compact, with a turn-button closure. Select from portfolios, pouches, and slim cases. The kids will love our leatherette child briefcases in pink or black. Find the design that fits your daily needs, and keep your belongings safe and organized. We have the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ service bags designed specifically for our literature, made from the highest quality, durable materials and construction. These quality service bags from Ministry Ideaz make wonderful gifts for every member of the family as well as fellow witnesses and pioneers.

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It's great. To have a company rebind my study bible it would have cost about $100.00. But the bible cover looks great and holding things together very well. I may get several more years out of my study bible. Thanks!

Laurel, Washington DC, USA

Excellent item. The embossed Hebrew letters for Jehovah's name look very good. The zip is robust and the leather is fine quality. I am very pleased with this item.

Alan Thomas, Surrey, UK