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*DOWNLOAD* Print-at-Home Kids Workbooks for 2023/2024 Circuit Assemblies
Printable 2024 Assembly Activities for JW Kids

Provides one (1) license. See FAQ for more information

Retail Price: US$7.99
Our Price: US$7.99

Availability: Available for download now

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Important: This is the downloadable version! No paper copy will be shipped.

Looking for a physical copy? Use the links below:

Downloadable 2024 JW Circut Assembly Activity Books

We know you will love our workbooks for little kids or big kids! If you prefer to print-at-home, this download option is for you. With all the same great features as the physical copies, the workbooks are designed specifically for children.

Disclaimer: Make sure to "count the cost." The notebooks include sticker pages. You may prefer to purchase a physical copy instead. That being said, all sticker artwork will indeed be included in the purchase of the downloadable copy, along with a few suggestions for getting the stickers done up at home.

To pay attention, but not distract

We've designed the workbooks, not as a distraction, but to help children follow along with the program. We recognize that helping your youngsters pay attention and stay focused is a challenge! We have great admiration for parents. Now, you can download and print-at-home.

  • Fun age-appropriate activities for each and every talk
  • Each activity is specifically designed to be a helpful aid in paying attention and NOT a distraction
  • Includes the talk themes