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(Ages 3-8) Convention Notebook for 2022 Convention "Pursue Peace"! - Little Kids Activity book WITH STICKERS
2022 Convention Activities for JW Kids
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Jehovah's Witnesses Convention Activity Notebooks with stickers for KIDS aged 3-8

( Click here for workbooks for older kids aged 8-13). Are you excited to attend virtually once again the "Pursue Peace" regional convention? Younger kids and pre-schoolers can find it hard to sit in front of a screen for hours on end to watch the program. Therefore, we've designed this 2022 kids' convention notebook just for them! More than just a notebook, this is a comprehensive, fun, yet educational workbook that will appeal to kids that haven't learned to read yet, or are just learning to read.

Important: This is the hard copy version! We will mail it to you.
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Our Favorite Features of the 2022 Kids' Activity Book

"Scripture Game" Stickers

The "Scripture Game" is sure to be a hit in the convention workbooks. Kids will love the colorful stickers of Jehovah's creation. Your young one will be listening for each time a Bible text is mentioned or read, and be able to place a sticker in the circle.

Word Trace

Word Trace

With the "Word Trace Activity" for almost every talk, little ones can trace the letters and "take notes" just like mommy and daddy!


Sticker Puzzles

Special sticker jigsaw puzzles.

The Listening Game

The Listening Game

Many talks have the "Listening Game." Your child will need to pay close attention for a certain word pertaining to the talk and then color in a picture when she hears it.

Coloring Activities

Coloring Activities

Featuring original artwork, there are many beautiful pictures to color pertaining to the talk given. Special convention-themed pencil crayons are also available. Cllck here.

Drawing Activities

Drawing Activities

Your child can sync his imagination with the talk being given.

Themed Activities

Themed Activities

Each special activity is always in line with the theme of the talk at hand.

Well Done Stickers

Well Done! Stickers

Kids love stickers. And kids love rewards. As the convention progresses, he or she will be able to reward his progress with these special "Well Done!" stars.

What makes the kids convention activity books so special?
Secular "ready-made" Bible activities will invariably have unscriptural details. By contrast, the 2022 "Pursue Peace" activity workbooks by Ministry Ideaz were designed from the ground up. Many have requested a notebook exclusively for pre-schoolers and young children just learning to read. Therefore, this year, the kids convention notebook does not include activities which require a lot of reading, or harder puzzles like crosswords and cryptograms. For these, you'd be better off getting the Convention Workbook for ages 8-13.

To pay attention, but not to distract

We've designed this to be, not a distraction, but a help for paying attention. As you parents all know, getting the kids to sit still for hours on end is a huge challenge. Kudos to you moms and dads that are helping your youngsters pay attention and stay focused, especially with the convention being held right in your own living room! Our convention notebooks for little kids are especially for children between 3 and 8 years old.

Cute JW Convention notebooks designed with children of Jehovah's Witnesses in mind!

Be confident that your children are getting the most out of the "Pursue Peace"! regional convention with this cute activity notebook made especially for them! What better way to equip them than with a notebook made just for them! Over 50 pages of quality paper make this durable and organized kids' notebook the perfect resource for your son or daughter (or niece or nephew or grandchild or friend...).

Read what others have said about our Kids Convention Notebooks (both past and present) at the bottom of the page. Here is a sampling:

Christine S. says:
I purchased these for my grandchildren but found even my grown children enjoy working the puzzles and quizzes. They absolutely love them. Well-illustrated. Challenging even for adults! Lots of fun things to do! Quality appearance. Will buy, again! Thank you!

Arison S. says:
My Grandkids loved their gifts. With the present pandemic and the convention on Zoom, the books made them feel like they were in a convention center.

Yvonne D. says:
Beautiful and fun! Love the kids books. They are beautiful and look so fun I wish I got one for myself. I love that the drawing activities encourage the child to pay attention to the program still.

  • Especially for children between 3 and 8 years old
  • Fun activities for each and every talk, appropriate for little ones
  • Each activity is specifically designed to be a helpful aid at paying attention, and NOT a distraction
  • glue-bound on the side
  • Includes the talk themes pre-printed
  • Beautiful full-color cover with the text: "My Convention Workbook 2022 "Pursue Peace"
  • Classy UV glossy finish

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