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FAITH Bible Songs (delivered as digital download ONLY)
Faith Christian Bible Songs

Digital download only
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Upbeat alternative music for true Christians

With so much worldly music with questionable themes out there, you'll find this wholesome music that encourages & builds up a refreshing change! Music is a great way of boosting your memory powers, and these songs will help to help the whole family learn about the Bible. The alternative music will help you learn and remember many Bible stories, such as Daniel, Esther, the precious wife of Proverbs 31, the four horsemen, Hannah and more! Great for family time together with your teenagers, the whole family will enjoy this faith-building music. Best of all, they are all biblically-accurate! This downloadable Bible Songs MP3 album tells many of the classic Bible stories that we know and love.

Beautiful Bible songs - accurately told

Many times when it comes to making music, the story being told is sacrificed for the sake of the melody. However, FAITH Bible Songs by the JW group "The White Robes" explore the stories of the Bible in detail, are scripturally-accurate and make it enjoyable for all. Click the video link to hear previews.

Click here to download the lyrics.

FAITH Bible Songs - by The White Robes

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Available for immediate download in Digital Copy

All of the music on this album is digital and available immediately after purchase as a digital download. Easily upload the music onto you or your mobile music playing devices. Play these songs on the go for a quick and easy way to entertain your entire family. Digital copies are great for putting on devices to play on road trips or on the go.

"Jehovah God graciously gave mankind the gift of music. This was a unique expression of his undeserved kindness, for although music is not needed to sustain life, it enables humans to express emotions - their sorrows, their joys. (Genesis 4:21) It can bring comfort when there is sadness or greater happiness in times of joy. There is a wide variety of Scripturally acceptable and upbuilding music, including delightful Kingdom songs enjoyed by Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide."
from "Beware of Music That Debases!" w83 10/15 p. 10, 15

Show your family that worship can be fun with this entertaining album of FAITH Bible Songs. Both you and your family will enjoy this wonderful music. Order from Ministry Ideaz today to give your family musical entertainment!

About The White Robes

The White Robes are a band of dedicated Christian musicians from Sydney, Australia who write and produce music and songs based on concepts, principals and characters from God's Word, the Bible. Their songs are written to encourage and strengthen all fellow worshippers to maintain integrity and keep positive in these critical times. Visit them on Facebook.

  • 1 Hannah
  • 2 Daniel
  • 3 That Day
  • 4 Three Days
  • 5 Psalm 34
  • 6 Proverbs 31 A Girl Like You
  • 7 Esther
  • 8 You Are The Rest Of My Life
  • 9 Unusual Goodbye
  • 10 The Four Horsemen