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for *PORTUGUESE* Bible (with ZIPPER): Cover for New World Translation - with FOIL STAMPED Title *Grey leather/vinyl
Embossed cover for New World Translation - Portuguese
Base Price for Leatherette: US$20.99
Updated Price: US$20.99

Product Code: BIMEDNWT-PO-P

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Protect Your New PORTUGUESE edition of the Bible with a Beautiful Cover Embossed with Foil Stamping

(Also available in sizes for English, Spanish, and French.) When you shop Ministry Ideaz, you will get the best value, quality, and selection. Out of our wide selection of Bible covers, the foil stamped cover for NWT often proves to be a fan favorite. With tons of great reviews, this incredible product has excellent quality and the finest workmanship. The foil stamped Bible cover fits your NEW! 2018 New World Translation Bible - PORTUGUESE edition - like a glove and protects the pages from constantly snagging on your bag or briefcase. With the Hebrew Tetragrammaton on the spine of the cover, this Bible cover has tons of great features and hand-made elements.

Our Foil Stamped Cover has Exquisite Quality and Detail

Timeless Bible cover for any age. This stunning foil stamped Bible cover is available in the Bible GREY option only and comes with a protective zipper. A great gift for any occasion, this beautiful foil stamped NWT Bible cover includes two page marker ribbons as well as a handy pocket on the front inside and back inside to keep small papers or notes. As with most of our leather products, the leather option (only) is subtly decorated with the Hebrew Tetragrammaton on the outside cover. If you're looking for a timeless cover that will protect your Bible, the New World Translation foil stamped cover is the cover for you.

How to install your Embossed New World Translation into the Bible cover

Read what others are saying about this beautiful embossed Bible cover in the reviews at the bottom of the page. Here is a sampling:

Kirk T. says:
You'll like having this Bible cover on yours! We had already replaced one new Bible that had white spots on the silver edges (from the rain). Now, the replacement was turning brown along the edges (from "normal" pioneer use). But we wondered if we would really like having a zip-up cover on our NWT, would it fit tightly, and would it get in the way when using the Bible. The answer, it's perfect in every way. So, if anyone was wondering, will I really like a Bible cover like this, the answer is: Yes! You'll like having this Bible cover on yours--especially when it rains.

Francine B. says:
I love all my covers for N.W.Translation! All products that I have received from Ministry Ideaz has been without any problems, and are still like new. Thank you, from my heart. I never have to remove my covers, they protect and look great, and the foil printing is still on & looking good with all my use.

Van K. says:
Loving Your Products! As always, you have exceeded any possible expectations! I love the quality, feel and look of this cover! Keep up the good work and may Jehovah continue to bless your efforts!

Deborah A. says:
I wanted a cover that would keep my beautiful silver bible dry on rainy days out in service without being clumsy or substantially changing its appearance. this cover fits the bill perfectly. The zippered cover is an excellent fit, is soft to the touch, looks lovely and as a bonus provides additional marker ribbons.
  • Includes 2 ribbons for page markers
  • Cover is beautifully embossed using a permanent heat process called "foil stamping"
  • With the Bible in place, you have a handy pocket on the front-inside and back-inside to keep small papers and slips
  • As with most of our leather products, the outside is very subtly decorated with the Hebrew Tetragrammaton in one corner (on leather only; size 3cm x 1.4cm or 5/8" x 1 1/4")