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Magazine and Tract Display Folio - No more doggy ears
Handy Watchtower Awake Magazine and Tract Display Folio - No more doggy-ears
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Watchtower Magazine Folio for Jehovah's Witnesses pioneers and publishers alike

Jehovah's Witnesses full-time ministers and regular publishers will love the handy magazine and tract display folio by Ministry Ideaz.

In our efforts to constantly supply our fellow Jehovah's Witnesses with the best tools to conduct their field service efficiently and effectively, Ministry Ideaz now offers an updated version of the magazine and tract display folio that has helped so many in their ministry. This vinyl booklet display is designed for the new style tracts, and it comes in twenty different colors. When you don't feel like carrying a large bag, this vinyl tract folio is also easy to carry under your arm, and it looks professional and neat.

Able to hold up to 48 tracts and eight to ten magazines, this folio with its new design is an invaluable tool for keeping magazines and tracts neat and organized. Now is a wonderful time to get organized and prepare for the coming months with the handy magazine and tract display folio by Ministry Ideaz. It's just right for baptized and unbaptized Jehovah's Witnesses. Order one for your pioneer or field service partner, and select one for yourself as well.

New design features of the updated Watchtower display folio:

So, how does this wonderful new product differ from older versions? There are now eight separate pockets for tracts and they are bigger, meaning that the tracts and magazines are easier to slide in and out and are no longer partially exposed. You can entrust more documents to this folio than to its predecessors and they will be even safer! So, if you are looking to buy a magazine and tract display folio for the first time or need to replace one that's been worn, you definitely cannot go wrong with this one!
  1. Tracts and magazines now fit completely inside the pocket, protecting them even more.
  2. There are now 8 separate pockets for tracts.
  3. The pockets are now bigger, making it even easier to add/remove the tracts and magazines
  4. Optional: Fits your tablet (maximum size: 9.6" x 6.7" or 24.5cm x 17.0cm)

The Watchtower magazine folio is easy to handle; easy to use!

The new leather- or leatherette-lined vinyl tract folio is durable, easy to grip, and comfortably holds up to 48 tracts and eight to ten magazines. The clear vinyl windows provide easy viewing when you want to reach for a specific tract or magazine. Once the folio is loaded with your current issues, it slips neatly into your briefcase, courier bag, or tote for taking your ministry on the road.

This magazine and tract folio is a handy tool for many reasons. For one, it is reversible so you can display the magazines through clear vinyl windows on the inside or the outside, as suits your purpose. (Note: The interior lining is high quality leatherette on both the leather and leatherette models.) This is true for both the leather and the leatherette versions of this product, both of which are easy to grip and easy to slip into your briefcase or tote bag. In addition to picking out the material you want, you also have a variety of color options. Whether you prefer, neutral and understated hues of tan or grey or you would like a cheerful teal, pink, purple or neon green, the choice is yours!

Read what others have said about our Watchtower magazine folio in the reviews at the bottom of the page. Here is a sampling:

Patti J. says:
I love it! Stylish and no more dog ears! :D
While I love dogs, I really don't enjoy having only dog-eared literature in my stash to place with householders, so this new design, somewhat larger than my last folio, is perfect! I've gotten several questions about it too - many who've seen it have asked about it and love how nicely the color matches our new NWT. The quality is better than I'd imagined and the design (either side can be outside, depending on what I want to have most quickly available) is wonderful too. Nothing gets in my way of getting to the literature that I want.

Michelle D. says:
The Magazine and Tract Display Folio (updated design) is a great tool for the ministry. Everything stays organized and in good condition. It's easy to carry, and items are easy to find and remove. My ten inch tablet slips into middle, unsleeved, for protection. I love having tracts, magazines, and brochures at my fingertips. A book or two will also slip nicely into the sleeve.

Sasha H. says:
It works even better than the old style! I have been using the folio that was made for the square tracts for a few years, I really liked it but the top of my tracts & mags did get a little dog eared. I finally decided to upgrade and I am very happy I did! the pockets are all deeper and cover the literature all the way so it stays crisp & straight. I really like the gray leather, and I bought a matching zippered bible cover. This vinyl is really nice, I keep my folio in the car all the time & I have not had any cracking or any issues. Highly recommended!

Aimee V. says:
I love it! My ministry has been made much easier by my new Mgazine & Tract Display Folio! I got the leather one and it is very good quality and sharp looking. It holds everything nicely and you can retrieve what you need with ease. Makes a great gift too. I bought two more, one for my son and one for a sister in our congregation who was just baptized. They love theirs too.

Willie L. says:
It's a Excellent Ministry Tool for organization! I have enjoyed using both folio's in the ministry. I use the magazine folio for door to door ministry and the tract folio for my informal witnessing ministry. Both are lightweight, durable and most of all discreet. It shows that we take pride in publications and our ministry. I have recommended it to other brothers and sisters. See you in the paradise!

Samantha J. says:
I love it. The updated design is awesome. It's so easy to put the magazines in and get them out because it's slightly bigger now and it holds more which is also nice. I love that it's got 4 slots on each side for our new tracts!
  • Also holds your tablet (optional)
  • A book or two can also fit into the sleeve in lieu of magazines
  • The outside of the unit (front and back) is for the new style tracts. There are a total of 8 pockets (4 front and 4 back), in which you can comfortably fit 6 tracts each (grand total of approx. 48 tracts)
  • The inside of the unit is for magazines. Comfortably fits 4 or 5 magazines on each side
  • Note: That this unit is REVERSIBLE. If you prefer, the inside can become the outside and vice versa
  • Unlike most of our leather products, this does NOT have the Hebrew Tetragrammaton . Because of this item's design, there would be nowhere for this to go.
  • NOTE: The interior lining is high quality leatherette on both the leather and leatherette models