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Our motto is "Individually Handcrafted -- Designed to last a lifetime." Located in Ecuador, for past 15 years we have specialized in quality handcrafted goods - from Bible covers to book bags and more. Using the best tools and and materials to provide you with supplies that you can use for years to come. Read more...

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2019 - "My Meeting Treasures" Ministry MEETING Workbook Companion for KIDS (ages 3-10) - *SALE* SPANISH Libreta de apuntes para asamblea de los testigos de Jehova 2019
Retail Price: US$5.99
Our Price: US$2.00
Savings: US$3.99
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Retail Price: US$4.99
Sale Price: US$4.99
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kids meeting notebook Cuaderno / Agenda para la Asamblea Regional - Suministros JW
How are your children doing when it comes to "Digging for Spiritual Gems"? These kids' meeting notebooks entitled "My Meeting Treasures" are parent-designed and kid-approved for children between 3 and ten years old, with features that matter most and are appropriate for little ones. Al traer impreso los temas de los discursos y los textos tematicos, unicamente agrega tus apuntes personales! El cuaderno para la Asamblea de los testigos de Jehova El amor nunca falla, puede usarse ya sea como obsequio o como diario para anotaciones, la misma que consta de una cubierta suave de colores llamativos, y mide 6.7" x 8.7" (17 x 22 cm). Con sus 58 paginas, que incluyen los temas de las conferencias y suficiente espacio para tomar notas, se convertira en un maravilloso recuerdo de este evento.
'Do-It-Yourself' Bible + Songbook COMBO for REGULAR SIZE Bible/Songbook - FRONT POCKET (Ivory Leather available only) *fits ENGLISH editions 2019 - NOTE TAKER for "Love Never Fails"! Convention - English - NOTEBOOKS
Base Price for Leatherette: US$22.99
Updated Price: US$22.99
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Retail Price: US$4.99
Sale Price: US$2.50
Savings: US$2.49
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"Do-it-yourself" Bible + Song Book combo for New World Translation 2013 revision Regional Convention Notebook/Note Taker- JW Supplies
No need to send books off to be rebound when you can do it yourself. You save on costly rebinding procedures and postage when we send you a ready-made cover, and instructions to complete it yourself! With the talk titles and theme scriptures pre-printed on the inside pages, all you have to do is add your notes! As a special gift or personal journal, the Notebook for "Love Never Fails"! convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses features a colorful soft cover and measures 6.7 inches x 8.7 inches. It will make a wonderful keepsake, with 60 pages including talk themes and plenty of space for taking notes.
Feeling Blue? - Psalms 55:22 - (Scriptural Greeting Card) Paquete al por mayor para la asamblea de los testigos de Jehova 2019 "el amor nunca falla!"
Retail Price: US$2.99
Our Price: US$2.99
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Regular Price: US$199.60
Sale Price: US$124.99
Savings: US$74.61
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Scriptural Encouragement greeting card based on Psalm 55:22 Paquete para la Asamblea Regional - Suministros TJ
For everyone, life has its ups and downs. During those tough times in people's lives, it is important to provide them with great support and remind them that you and Jehovah always love them no matter what. If you know someone who needs little bit of reassurance that God loves them, get this card based on Psalms 55:22. Aproveche el descuento del 37% y ordene ahora! Reunase con sus amigos para ordenar juntos, o compre el paquete para obsequiarles este hermoso detalle el primer dia del programa. Haga su pedido cuanto antes!

Jehovah's Witnesses Ministry Supplies

At Ministry Ideaz, you will find wonderful products for Jehovah’s Witnesses and supplies for your entire family, your friends, and your loved ones.

We offer beautiful book covers in leather, leatherette, and vinyl along with high-quality ministry bags to hold your ministry supplies for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Our briefcases and meeting cases are designed for every age, from adult to toddler. Adults can choose from an assortment of black or brown all-purpose leather bags while the kids will love the adorable leatherette toddler’s briefcase in black or the lovely little girl’s leatherette briefcase in pink. Our leather meeting organizers are suitable for iPad, iPad Mini, Galaxy, and other tablets.

Ministry Ideaz carries a fine selection of software, music, publications, videos, and other supplies useful for Jehovah’s Witnesses in our ministry. Bookmarks, calendars, notebooks, and binders are just right for meetings, assemblies and conventions, and there are plenty of special items designed just for kids. We provide a number of service supplies for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Spanish and French as well!

Ministry Ideaz has just about everything you might need to fulfill your spiritual goals or helping a loved one do the same. These fine ministry supplies for Jehovah’s Witnesses also make great gifts for any age and any occasion.