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Congratulate someone for reaching Ministry Goals and Milestones

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Scripture Greeting Card Set Congratulate someone on their baptism. Based on Acts 2:41 Congratulate someone on their theocratic goals. Based on 3 John 4
This handy little JW greeting card set has something for nearly every occasion. You never know when you'll need a little note of encouragement, so this 30-pack of scriptural greeting cards is great to have handy! Congratulate a new brother or sister in your congregation with this beautiful biblical greeting card. We all need commendation, don't we? But especially so our young ones. Is there a young sister or brother in your congregation that has been reaching out? This charming card will go a long way to warm his or her heart and encourage them to continue. The inside of the greeting card says: "We are so proud of you and your efforts to serve Jehovah!"
Set of Bible Greeting Cards
These scriptural greeting cards for Jehovah's Witnesses come with a pretty little bit of art work that is accompanied by a Bible verse conveying God's love from many cherished Bible verses from the revised New World Translation

Congratulations On Fulfilling Spiritual Goals

We all need commendation, don't we? Is there a young sister or brother in your congregation that has been reaching out? Get him or her a special commendation greeting card especially for JWs. Is there newly baptized brother or sister in your congregation? We have Baptism cards for that too! What about a new pioneer? Or a couple that was just accepted to Evangelizer School? At Ministry Ideaz we have all sorts of Greeting Cards for Jehovah's Witnesses to congratulate them for all such goals.

An encouraging JW greeting card from Ministry Ideaz is sure to lift their spirits and motivate them to continue fulfilling their spiritual goals! Have these Ministry Goals and Milestones cards on hand to give out on a moment's notice!

Show the brothers and sisters in your congregation how proud you are of them with one of our JW Greeting Cards for Goals and Milestones! Get an individual card, or save a bundle by buying a bulk value pack of Spiritual Goals Greeting Cards. That way, when the next special announcement is made in your congregation, you'll be ready!

Commend your brothers and sister for fulfilling their spiritual goals. Shop our huge collection of ministry goals greeting cards online today!