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KIDS Convention Workbook for 2020 Convention "Always Rejoice"! - Kids Notebook 112 pages (Available for download)
Spiral Convention Activity Notebook for JW Kids

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Jehovah's Witnesses Convention Activity Notebooks for KIDS

We are excited about this year's convention workbook! This is our first time making a comprehensive, fun, yet educational workbook that will appeal to many more age groups. We've based this on recommendations from you parents. Would you like to 'try before you buy'? Click to download a free sample of the JW Kids' Convention Workbook. (This free sample can be printed for free and used for the complete 1st broadcast of the 8 sessions on JW Broadcasting.)

New printable workbooks: By popular demand, our talented graphics designer has been working hard to format all our convention notebooks (including the Kids' Workbook) so that you can download them to print at home. So, even if there is no time to receive a shipment for the convention this weekend, get all these engaging activities for your kids by digital download! Although you'll probably prefer to print these for your kids, you have the option to load them to your favorite PDF reader such as GoodReader or PDF Expert.

Some have asked: Why do these cost more than last years' and more than the adults' notebooks?
Consider: Whereas last year, there were around 50 activities, this year it includes over 350 activities. Whereas last year, there were 58 pages (one per talk), this year there are 112 pages (two full pages of activities for each talk). The overall page size is larger than last year as well. Whereas last year, it was one-color printing, this year they are many more colors. Furthermore, the adults' notebooks have only 72 pages and did not require the graphics artwork to produce all the activities. The hours and hours of graphics and art design work that went into producing the kids' workbooks was considerably more than to produce the adults' notebooks. Please check out the free sample of what you get.

  • Many of you requested activities for older children such as pre-teens. You've got it.
  • Others have asked for a place to write notes. Done.
  • Cryptograms, crosswords and other word games were requested. Check.

But the little kids aren't left out. Every single talk has the "Listening Game" which even a 3-year old can do. And we've including all sorts of coloring, dot-to-dot and word trace activities which great for preschoolers too.

Lastly, each talk has a special section called: "What I learned" with one or two pointed questions or statements to answer. This is to encourage the child to reflect on how he or she can apply the information personally.

We do not expect every activity will be completed. But there is something for every age group, for every talk.

All that being said, we hope that we’ve designed this to be, not a distraction, but a help to paying attention. As you parents all know, a three-day convention is a mammoth undertaking to parents with children. Kudos to you moms and dads that are helping your youngsters pay attention and stay focused, especially with our convention being held this year right in our own living room! With our goal in mind, we’ve put the reminder to "listen carefully to the talk and video for clues" . . . and similar expressions for most of the activities.

You know that at the regional convention, it takes more than applying technical knowledge to "sit still and be quiet." Children learn best when they are engaged, immersed, involved, inspired, motivated, excited! This is why our special children's convention notebooks were designed by JW parents and for JW parents. Our convention notebooks are especially for children between 3 and 13 years old. IMPORTANT: These are specifically designed to be a helpful aid at paying attention, and not a distraction.

Improved for a Variety of Ages

We have been able to improve on the much-loved design of our convention notebooks for children! Now with even more activities, there is something for every child. Each talk will have 2 full pages with a variety of activities, each based on the talk at hand. Young ones will be able to choose which one they prefer. As in the past, each one is designed to help them focus and follow the program. Each talk features seven sections in the workbook covering a variety of activities for all ages.

For children who can't yet read:

  • About 50 "Listening games" (one for most talks)

For primary school children:

  • Over 50 mazes, learn to draw, color by number, find the differences, word match, dot-to-dots, and other picture puzzles

For tweens:

  • Over 50 crosswords, word searches, cryptograms, secret message, and other word puzzles


  • About 50 "Complete the text" exercises (one for most talks)
  • About 50 "Scriptures and keywords charts" (one for most talks)
  • About 50 "My notes sections" (one for most talks)
  • About 50 "What I learned?" exercises (one for most talks)
With a total of about 350 different activities and exercises, these colorful notebooks for kids are just the thing to help your youngsters stay engaged at the 2020 "Always Rejoice"! convention.

Measuring 6.7" x 8.7" (17.2cm x 22cm) each notebook is made especially for the 2020 "Always Rejoice"! Regional Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses and has the theme for the convention pre-printed on the front.

Cute JW Convention NOTEBOOKS designed with children of Jehovah's Witnesses in mind!

Be confident that your children are getting the most out of the "Always Rejoice"! regional convention with this cute spiral-bound activity notebook made especially for them! What better way to equip them than with a kids' convention notebook made specifically for the youth in your congregation! 112 pages of quality paper make this durable and organized kids' notebook the perfect resource for your son or daughter (or niece or nephew or grandchild or friend...) to take notes on what they've learned.

Read what others have said about our Kids Convention Notebooks (both past and present) at the bottom of the page. Here is a sampling:

Debra Slatterie says:
The one on the JW.org website is really nice. My concern is that it's 74 pages long so would take a lot of ink to print. It can be used on a tablet too. I have trouble doing much typing (fast enough to keep up with the speakers!) on my tablet so prefer writing in a notebook instead.

Kiersten G. says:
Yes yes yes, I need my notebooks for Sunday talks and Conventions. Interactive or not, writing things down helps me concentrate and I retain more. Don't know about anyone else. PLEASE DO NOT STOP PRINTING!!!

Alison R. says:
I like to write and read my notes from a book. Something about a book that makes it more personal. Keep the books.

Crystal-Davy K. says:
Many in our hall can't afford a tablet, but a $6.99 book they can. I tend to waver between writing out my notes and typing them on my iPad but I definitely like having the option of writing with pen and paper. (Tactile, it doesn't run out of battery, I can doodle in the margins) Also there a few I know who like to order a few and give them as gifts.

Lucia says:
I already put April 30 in my calendar to remind me to order the note taker books. My son and I LOVE them. As much as the printable version on JW.org is nice, to print out four sets would cost me a lot in ink. I prefer to order mine from you guys like I have for the last four years!!

Lisa says:
I have been using convention workbooks for my immediate and extended family. I love the books, the children's version keeps my son focused and busy. Continue to keep up the excellent work and quality.
  • Especially for children between 3 and 13 years old
  • A variety of fun activities for each and every talk, appropriate for little ones and youths
  • Each activity is specifically designed to be a helpful aid at paying attention, and NOT a distraction
  • Ring-binding on the side
  • Includes the talk themes pre-printed
  • Each talk has 2 page of activities
  • Beautiful full-color cover with the text: "Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. Always Rejoice!"
  • About the same dimension as a Watchtower magazine
  • Classy UV glossy finish; 112 pages, wide ruled, on bond 75 gram quality paper