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Leather Watchtower Magazine Folio/Organizer Big Bundle of products for Jehovah's Witnesses Leather Field Service Bag- Jehovah's Witness Supplies
Ministry Ideaz '2017 Big Bundle' - huge pack of 111 items for Jehovah's Witnesses
Retail Price: US$451.22
Our Price: US$180.49
Savings: US$270.73
Leather Traveling Service Bag for Jehovah's Witnesses
Retail Price: US$185.99
Our Price: US$185.99
If you are looking to lighten your load while you are active in the door-to-door ministry this item is what you are looking for. All of your literature is kept clean and orderly in one easy location. You can also have your tablet on hand to demonstrate the jw.org web site to interested ones that you find in the field. With the optional tablet accessory (sold separately) the ministry folder can securely transport almost any portable tablet. (Click here for the universal tablet folio, sold separately.) Save 60% when you get this bulk bundle of 2017 products for Jehovah's Witnesses. With a bulk deal of over 100 items, you'll have plenty of gifts for your family or the friends in the congregation. With this big bundle, you'll receive 3 Bible covers, 40 different bookmarks, 12 assorted calendars and agendas, 13 different scriptural greeting cards, a fridge magnet, two mouse pads, 16 assorted notebooks, and 24 assorted pens, highlighters, and styluses! Quality Traveling Service Bags for Jehovah's Witnesses are a great organizational tool for those actively involved in field service activity, with a dedicated space inside for everything you need to have on hand. The leather Jehovah's Witnesses' service bags offered here are available in black, brown or tan and are made tough and durable from genuine leather. They feature exterior pockets made to hold books, cell phones, a water bottle and more.
Magazine and Tract Tote for Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses Theocratic Digital Software Bundle Hands Free Watchtower Magazine Tote
Magazine and Tract Tote
Base Price for Leatherette: US$88.99
Updated Price: US$88.99
Hands Free Watchtower Magazine Tote 'Messenger Style' Bag
Retail Price: US$111.49
Our Price: US$111.49
For sisters actively engaged in field service activity, the Jehovah's Witness Service Tote you see offered here is a wonderful accessory. It does away with the need for a briefcase and is organized so that everything is right there where you need it. Outside pockets allow for your regular or pocket New World Translation Bible and one other book. Inside vinyl pockets and pages will display 10 separate Watchtower or Awake! magazines (or brochures) along with extra copies. Get all five of our popular JW computer games and software for one low price!
  1. Accurate Knowledge Bible trivia game: Great for family worship evening! A challenging but fun Christian game to play on the computer with
  2. Bible Choozit Bible game: Learn the order of Bible events and more. Over 50 different "drag and drop" Bible puzzles.
  3. 6-in-1 Bible Puzzles: Helps you learn and remember more about the Bible, with an adjustable skill level, to make puzzles that are challenging to more experiences ones, and 'just right' for novices.
  4. Bible Flashcards: Memorize scriptures easily with this computer version of the scripture 'card deck'. Add scriptures that interest you, or practice with the over 450 included.
  5. Bible Numbers Converter: A handy tool to make your Bible research or reading more meaningful. Allows you to convert many of the measurements in Bible passages to modern units.

(All software delivered as digital download ONLY)

Keep your hands free with the 'Hands-free Watchtower Magazine Tote.' Sometimes leather handbags and tote bags can be cumbersome when you've got a lot to do in the ministry. Wouldn't it be nice to have a hands-free briefcase that leaves you with your two hands free to do those other essentials while engaging in the ministry door-to-door? We here at Ministry Ideaz know what it's like. That's why we've designed this special JW hands-free ministry pouch.
Leather Portfolio Case For Jehovah's Witness Ministry Multi-Purpose Meeting/Service Bag - Leather The Leather Pioneer Portfolio Jehovah's Witnesses
The Leather Pioneer Portfolio or Attache - with strap/handles
Retail Price: US$197.49
Our Price: US$197.49
Multi-Purpose Meeting/Service Bag - Leather
Retail Price: US$129.99
Our Price: US$129.99
The Leather Pioneer Portfolio - no strap/handles
Retail Price: US$189.99
Our Price: US$189.99
In your ministry as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, you will want to own a perfectly sized, multi-purpose service bag in order to carry your prized Bible, books, brochures, and magazines. Enter: the 'Pioneer Portfolio' or 'Pioneer Attache'! This special portfolio was designed by pioneers, for pioneers. And it works great for non-pioneers too! This leather multi-purpose meeting/service bag has the professional look and all the compartments needed to effectively minister to those in your territory. The quality leather used to make this bag is not only beautiful to look at, it is also soft and, perhaps most importantly, water resistant; no need to worry about the elements damaging it or its contents while you are out and about. The most functional and professional-looking Leather Portfolio for our ministry activities as Jehovah's Witnesses contains everything needed to stay organized while preaching and teaching in the field service activity. Many brothers and sisters find that this smaller zippered portfolio is much more discreet in the ministry and that the householders are often less intimidated. But in spite of that, the portfolio case gives instant access to all the publications and ministry supplies you need.
Ladies' All-purpose Briefcase Jehovah's Witnesses Leather Lady's Meeting Bag for Jehovah's Witnesses Handmade Italian Leather Carryall Satchel
Leather Ladies' All-purpose Briefcase
Retail Price: US$136.99
Our Price: US$136.99
Leather Lady's Meeting Bag
Retail Price: US$129.99
Our Price: US$129.99
The 'Tuscany Tote' Italian Leather Carryall Satchel for Ladies
Retail Price: US$199.99
Our Price: US$199.99
With the huge variety of leather briefcases out there, choosing the right one can be intimidating. The all-purpose briefcase is not only stylish, but functional and durable too. It features extra-long carrying straps, so you can carry it, either with your hands, or over your forearm. This facilitates holding the bag open with your left forearm, while your right hand is free to look for your Bible or publication. Especially for the sisters. Large enough to snuggly fit the reference Bible and other books if necessary. These handcrafted Italian leather handbags feature a wide base so that it will easily keep an upright position. You can set it down secure that it will not topple over. It includes a sturdy zipper pouch and two extra pockets in the interior of the bag. You can keep your wallet, keys, glasses and make up in this little bag at all times. It serves to keep things organized, easy to find and facilitate moving from one handbag to the another without all the hassle of sorting through the entire bag to find your necessities!
Large Animal Print Genuine Leather Purse & JW Book Bag "Doctor's Bag" Style Book Bag / Meeting Case Large inner compartment comfortably fits your Reference Bible, bound volume, song book and other publications. Leather Laptop Briefcase Brief Case
'Le Sak' Premium Italian Leather Tote with faux fur
Retail Price: US$299.99
Our Price: US$299.99
'Doctor's Bag' Style Book Bag | JW Meeting Case
Retail Price: US$220.00
Our Price: US$220.00
16-inch Deluxe Dual Compartment Laptop Briefcase (100% Leather)
Retail Price: US$234.99
Our Price: US$234.99
Add a touch of style to your ministry with this large shoulder bag for women. Perfect for those who prefer the feel of an Italian genuine leather handbag or simply enjoy animal-print handbags. Whether you plan to purchase one of these exciting new bags as a gift or you are looking to add to your own collection, there is a bag available for every occasion and every taste. This stylish book bag & meeting case has a large inner compartment that comfortably fits a Reference Bible, bound volume, song book & other publications. It's the only bag you'll need to take all your supplies to the Kingdom Hall. Get a deluxe laptop brief case for your computer and protect your investment! This durable laptop briefcase made with 100% cowhide allows you to take your laptop with you wherever you go while protecting it and looking stylish and professional. This leather laptop portfolio briefcase from Ministry Ideaz is specially designed for easy-of-use and includes an adjustable shoulder strap.

Premium Quality JW Gifts

Are you looking for special Jehovah’s Witness gifts that don’t break the bank? Our premium selection includes a variety of options in gifts for Jehovah’s Witnesses. From premium-quality book bags to top-of-the-line ministry software packages, preaching folios, tablet cases and so much more.

Whether you’re shopping around for JW presents for mom or a thoughtful JW gift for your wife, we have something for everyone. Shop our large selection of excellent quality gifts for Jehovah's Witnesses at Ministry Ideaz!/p>